gutter punks on xmas

This is from Christmas 2013. (better late than never??)


Xmas saw two guys during the day after not finding soup bummer. Then later saw a younger guy at 75Mack who had a backpack of ours and i thought..hmm dont know him but still stopped to give him a gift card.

. then hours later after i picked up a friend for dinner and heading back to 75 as i know folks come and go by the highways and it was later in the day…more folks going to casinos so more

later saw that same guy from 75Mack.. and two other..gutter punks.. i pulled over to talk to them all and give the others bags and cards

the first guy is from here the couple is not..she is from nevada..he from tennesse and this is there first winter here.. i asked why they came to the cold ..he kissed her and he told me he followed her.. she said she came for work.. cant imagine what..but i told them to take care and that i’m on the streets often

then out of no where there was a dog.. there pet climbed out of a bag or something. he was real cute.

they make me think of my favorite Christmas song

The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale Of New York





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