New Cameras out on the streets winter 2013

So April 2012 BWB was part of a community project hosted by the Detroit Institute of Arts where community groups were given throw away cameras to document Detroit. Here is our page and images from the project.

A book came out on the project and BWB is honored to be a part of the publication. We submitted an essay and some images were included as well.

The name of the book is; Reveal Your Detroit An Intimate Look at a Great American City
A Community Engagement Project Led by the Detroit Institute of Arts by Bradford Frost it was released September 26 of this year;

So fast forward to now. Over the summer more cameras were procured and more envelopes were addressed and stamped and the project is being reignited!

And our day on the streets myself and Aaron Shepherd gave out 8 cameras!
the next day with Anthony Crystal and Linda we gave out one or two more.

Looking forward to seeing how this works out! fingers crossed!

Today i update this.. November 21, 2014.. sadly no camera were returned from this round 😦

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