On the streets with Crystal, Anthony and his mom!

(again from winter 2012/2014)

So last Saturday the three of us hit the streets. Crystal and Anthony in the back seat and Anthony’s mom riding shot gun. Her name is Linda.

It was a rainy day.. but luckily it was in the high thirties as while we all did get a bit wet we were very lucky to be able to jump into a nice warm car.

We meet at Avalon in the Cass Corridor.. oh i mean Midtown. I still forget it has a nice new name so the suburbanites are not afraid of the term Cass Corridor which became synonymous with prostitutes, drugs and homeless. Now the area below MLK is still called the Corridor and that is where you will still find a good number of homeless..not so many prostitutes anymore unless the weather is really nice.

So while on the streets Ms Crystal was awesome and took notes and sent me texts after every person we meet so i could help make this blog…huge thanks to her for that as i would not have remembered all of this without her!

First we meet Mr. Frank on Cass but i forgot the cross street and to be honest our interaction with him. grr. But after that we moved on and meet Mr Wendell at Grand River and MLK on the service drive by Cass Tech. He was with Mr. Charlie who remembered me from the Howard Street exit where he recently started to take post in the mornings. That is often my route to work and we met one morning not too long ago.

Mr Wendell        Mr Charles

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