Puzzle piece theatre

Puzzle Piece Theatre is hosted a fundraiser for Burners without Borders Detroit by donating $5.00 of every ticket sold on Oct 25th for the show White People by J.T. Rogers.

Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support of this event and local theatre.

Puzzle Piece Theatre is a Detroit based professional theatre company. There mission is to serve the community by bringing to life a wide variety of theatrical texts through storytelling that re-imagines what is possible in live performance.

Puzzle Piece Theatre was a part of FIGMENT Detroit in 2012..let’s keep the connection alive!

Let’s fill the theatre….Hope to see you there!!

If you can not attend please consider sharing this event! thanks..and if you are going too!

About the Author and Play-

J. T. Rogers is an internationally recognized American playwright who lives in Brooklyn, New York.[1] He is a graduate of the professional actor-training program of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he was made an Honorary Doctor of Performing Arts in 2009.

White People review by New York Times –


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