TWO GREAT DONATIONS.. from two wonderful guys new to BWB!!!

a friend of a friend..who has become a friend hit me up to do a letter writing campaign to collect items for BWB.. His name is Dustin White and instead of getting stuff from stores..he and four friends..or him and three gathered $600 in donations and purchased the following items!!
 bottled water- 144
Rolls of garbage bags- 15
Toothbrush/toothpaste kits- 25
fleece blankets- 30
gallon ziptop bags- 84
pocket packs of tissue- 80
bars of Dial soap- 40
knit beanies- 28
knit gloves- 15 pairs
warm socks- 41 pairs
hand sanitizer- 24
lip balm- 30
sanitary napkins- 640
 WHAT.. that is amazing and good shopping skills to boot!!
than i got a notice from Thomas Kokoszka
who i met at a Burning Man newbie orientation and our Burner Thanksgiving last month..this is what he has gerneously picked up for us and will bring on Sunday to the Backpacking Event

80 pr socks,
24 mens knit caps,
60 pr “hot hands”,
30 pk “wipes”,
15 toothbrush/paste,
20 boxes Quaker Chewy Granola,
4 cases water,
3 cases (36) Ditty Moore beef stew,
3 cases (36) over stuffed ravioli .
and he hit me up today saying he may get more canned goods.
We are sooo blessed for all the gifts people are bringing to this event and project
Thank you so much gentlemen.. i wish i could keep up with all the donations to give everyone a post to honor and thank them..please know i am grateful to each of you for everything!
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