The Pollination Project has awarded BWB again.. huge thanks


I was awarded another grant by The Pollination Project grant!! I am so honored…and please know THIS IS A SHARED AWARD with all the folks who help make this happen.. all year round… this project is a very small grassroots project that is a proof a Me to We idea can grow and grow to help others… so proud to be involved in this and honored to have so many other people own this project.

thank you to everyone for all the help and work you provide for this to happen.. without YOU we could not not do this!!

140 of you applied, six of us agonized for weeks about how to allocate the Impact Grants. And here’s the results. Please congratulate these grantees on their second round of funding from The Pollination Project. We only wish we could have funded everyone!

You’ve probably never heard of these 16 ‪#‎grassroots‬ leaders, but they are the backbone of social change movements world wide. Announcing our ‪#‎Impact‬ Grant Winners of 2014.…/16-people-who-made-a-big_b_…
Shout Outs to Winners:
Our Feet Are Rooted, Special Shades of Color, ThinkKind, The Art of Freedom, Hábitat Sur, Burners without Borders Detroit, Mantasa, ENVenture – creating sustainable enterprises, Women’s Crisis Care International, Toronto Pig Save, The Save Movement, From The Ground Up Farms, Inc.
This is why we ‪#‎givehappy‬ and ‪#‎seedthechange‬


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