Guest Blogger.. Thomas Kokoszka -Dec 28th!

I met Thomas at a Burning Man newbie orientation in Ann Arbor and i am honored for his help with BWB this winter! small bow to you Thomas..your actions make a big difference to BWB and the people you meet and help..thank you.


Lou Ann had claimed a steam vent on Fort street, across from the post office. All her worldly possessions were with her, mostly things you find on trash day. Her blankets were wet. She stayed on the vent for warmth and thought the busy traffic helped with safety. She longed to go back to California, but had no concrete plans. She prided herself on keeping her area clean and orderly. I brought a crock pot of chili to use as an “ice-breaker” with people I met. It seems so inadequate. Besides a backpack, she accepted a new coat and 2 sleeping bags. I felt like shit. The thing she wanted most was clean underwear and a bra.10846859_424457251044534_714668151_n
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