A very unique way to fundraise!

The Dirty Show is quickly approaching!! So what does that mean?? it means the CUNTS are hard at work preparing for our 8th year in a row at the show!..

EXCUSE ME.. ?? what does this have to do with the homeless??  i know shocking.. but stick with and continue reading please..

Come see “LUV A CUNT- Titties & Clitties”..and get your body printed. (still confused?..keep reading i promise this will be explained)

This year we have a whole new booth..and we are offering not only our traditional felt Vag Badges but this year we have wood and acrylic for a dazzling display .. you might call it a CUNT-O-RAMA!!

Not sure what we do??….well..we get chicks naked to help the homeless… sounds crass but it works for the Dirty Show…please keep reading!

Actually here is what we REALLY do..and FYI..it is all about supporting and serving women and helping to empower them to feel confident and proud about their bodies. While we happen to raise funds for the homeless.

We know many woman have issue with body image..i know i do…so we create a fun, friendly environment at a show dripping in sex. Why do we do this? Because we believe women can help other women accept themselves by seeing other women do so, by talking with other women who have the same issues and concerns about our bodies while living in a sex and youth obsessed culture. Because we know and understand that what we hyper focus on as flaws others do not even see, and we do it all in a supportive, loving way.

LUV A CUNT Titties & Clitties is a fund raising event for Burners without Borders Detroit that we host at the Dirty Show and Jerry Vile has generously let us do this for the last eight years..not even fully understanding what we do but knowing women walk out smiling.

So what is it??? it is a performance experience that offers women the chance of being the subject of an intimate performance piece where they are the canvas, the medium and the art!

Every woman is a unique and lovely creature just as every breast and cunt is unique and incredible, therefore each print made from your body will be a one of a kind impression of the foundation of your femininity. Some women will produce very abstract results while others are very anatomical but all of them are beautiful! Who would not want to create a distinct and extraordinary piece of art that speaks of you from the most erotic places on your body!!

And we paint, print and yes clean you up…can’t get much better than that!

Please know we do this as a charity to raise funds for Burners without Borders Detroit as i stated above.  Through this project we do direct action help by creating supply filled backpacks to give out to our cities homeless! (always accepting donations!!)

Hope to see you at the show!

here is a link to one of the Dirty Shows that Khaaliq Thomas shot for us-

totally save to view at work.. http://tinyurl.com/nx9rewt

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