Xmas eve – meeting Armor Of Light in Hart Plaza

ON Christmas Eve myself and Ana joined Fleck and his friends Mike and Rob who had made 70 foil wrapped hotdogs to feed folks on the street with.. there is another post on that..

So while we were out on the streets as we pulled up in Hart Plaza we flagged down an SUV who we saw helping a man.

There were three people in the vehicle and they were from Armor Of Light doing exactly what we were. They were even kind enough to give us some socks as one of our backpacks was lacking!

I found them later on Facebook and got a link to their website;


They also gave me a link to the video they were taking on Xmas Eve

it is a touching video of their adventure. It was a very wet and cold night on the streets.. as the video reflects..there is a small part where they meet me and i am showing them our supply filled backpack…this is when they gave me socks!!! so kind

20141224_190404 20141224_190441

Amber, Aric and Adam…fellow comrades on the streets helping the homeless!!

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