BwB Tele-Salon: July 2012 “Helping the Homeless” with Doxie & Halcyon

Was just reminded of this talk about serving the Homeless that myself and Halcyon gave in July of 2012. It was a really nice experience for us to both learn about what we do and how we do it and to learn how similar our approaches are and to pick up tips.

Here is the snippet about what we do..

For our second Tele-Salon, Helping the Homeless, we featured a pair of Burners who use the Burning Man principals to “be the change they want to see”, and truly are that change. Danielle Doxie Kaltz (Detroit) and John Halcyon Styn (San Diego) are two energetic and inspiring individuals who reach beyond their immediate communities to bring the love and abundance of their lives to some of the less fortunate members of our society – the homeless. Doxie’s Homeless Backpack Project and Halcyon’s 1st Saturdays Events completely embody Burners without Borders by bridging the gap between communities through the Burner spirit. Join us for an hour long talk with Doxie and Halcyon about their projects, how they began, how they’ve evolved, and the incredible hearts behind them.

**About Halcyon**
Halcyon’s 15 year online path has traversed from world-renouned narcisist (Webby Award winner for “ to slightly more humble philanthropist (co-founder of “”) . His weekly podcast, HugNation, and the monthly 1stSaturdays “Help The Homeless” outings are both heavily influenced by Burning Man principles and experiences. (

1st Saturdays:
Once a month, Friends and neighbors collect donated clothes, assemble care packs, and make food to share. They set up a makeshift street boutique and simply give. Volunteers share clothes, share food, share a few moments of their loves and try to make other’s lives…brighter.

**About Doxie**
Burners without Borders Detroit has been on the Streets of Detroit since 2007 creating random acts of kindness & service to Detroit Homeless. We do this one supply filled backpack @ a time.
We fill backpacks with items to make living on the streets a little easier. Items like ; hats, gloves, socks and socks and socks, hand warmers, canned protein (fish, meat, beans) and veggies, and can openers of course- along with soft granola bars, (imagine no teeth- food needs to be soft) juice and water…then we tie blankets to the bags with scarves.
Then we hit the streets and look for people who don’t go to shelters for whatever reason and there are many! We also give clothes and coats out if people need them. We are not trying to get anyone off the streets We don’t have that skill set. We are just trying to help out anyone with a backpack filled with supplies, compassion and non-judgment to make a night on the streets a little easier.

**About the BWB Tele-Salon**
The BWB Tele-Salon is an effort to strengthen relationships within the Burning Man & BWB communities. It is a bi-monthly telephone conference call where BWB Chapters, Civic Leaders, and Community members can both present and listen in to conversations that matter. Hosted on the second Thursday on rotating months, this call focuses on different projects, initiatives, and skills that are useful in community work.

Questions, Comments- or other Awesome?
Connect with us on facebook: (

and here is a link to all the BWB Tele-Salons

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