Update on Donna

Hey everyone.. just have a quick note.. at the BWB Detroit Backpacking party in December of 2014 some of you may have meet a woman named Donna. Donna is a woman i have been helping for about 4 yrs now. I meet her at a now closed down Soup Kitchen where I gave her a lift one day to a tattered little house just north of Hamtramck. You see she is not homeless but damn near close.. as of last month she no water, she has not had heat for a few years.. i have given her blankets and small heater as she does have electricity and most recently her home just got foreclosed.. today is a meeting at Cobo to help folks like her and it started at 9am. So I let her stay at my house last night, get a nice hot shower, fed her dinner and breakfast and gave her a lunch today after letting her stay the night.. she was very thankful.

She also wanted me to tell folks that she really happy to help at the backpacking event. It gave her a sense of pride to be involved and know she is helping people even while she is being helped.

Send her some luck today in hopes that she can save her little home the only thing she has left. It is long paid off but she is back in taxes.

Hopefully with the cities new initiative to get homeless off the streets they will consider not putting new ones on it.

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One Response to Update on Donna

  1. fuzzytek says:

    The taxes are questionable and a number of activists are handing out flyers hoping the public takes heart and finds strength together.

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