Mike came into my life pretty unexpectedly for a project in another part of my life, (thanks Jenna) luckily for me he stayed and has become involved in other parts too.

I am really thankful to him for his support of SCRAP (the other project I mentioned) and esp of BWB Detroit.

Last year he 1/2 matched our raffle from the DAMNED and did so again this year!! Really good size donations. over $ 7oo this  year and $1000 last year..we are so grateful.

When i asked him to help with our blog and make a blog post this is what he sent to me.. i love it!

Thanks so much for your passion!

From Mike on how he feels about BWB…

Most people understand the term grass roots . Somehow i have found an ass roots movement. 
Seat of the pants, spontaneous, luminous. This is NOT a bad thing mind you. The magic happens in the places/moments in between the organized movements of people on a common task and the direction of those who want no recognition or thanks. Impossible to define really, and harder to keep alive if it is dragged out into the medias daylight. But, make no mistake, this is the magic i have been looking for, hoping to slide into, have it ooze over me. Since i was an idealistic kid in the Catholic seminary studying for the priesthood 40 odd years ago. i wanted a life that made a difference. Years and marriages and drugs and all the things life brings got in the way.  My heart did not forget. Hearts are like that.Lucky me.
And now. The wonder of this group, ( i say group because although there are numerous key people, they are there to cultivate our courage, the group abides)…i say the absofuckinglute wonder of this group is that we all are worker bee heroes here. And NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

This is church, this is religion to me. Salvation in a backpack, for the cold man on the street, the hungry woman  at the corner of Cadieux and I-94, and you, and me. Someone earlier wrote “humanity at its best in such a place”. How could i say more.

Mike Willenborg


Mike donated to BWB very generously again this year.. we are so very grateful to him!

Mike donated to BWB very generously in 2014 and again this year.. we are so very grateful to him!

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