Thursday October 15, 2015

Ron Kaplan and his team were in Detroit to distribute 1000 of the backpacks he designed with the help of High Sierra.

These packs are more amazing in person then just reading about them online. The material is high quality and waterproof.
The pockets are many and varied in size, with the main compartment being able to handle many supplies.

The hidden rain poncho that can detach and cover both the wearer and the pack is a great idea. There is a place to put name and contact information and there are security leashes to put around ones wrist and ankle so the pack can not be stolen when sleeping.

Burners without Borders Detroit is honored to be amoung the four local organizations in Detroit to receive 350 of them and will be filling them very soon at a packing event (TBA).   Big thanks to Shinola for helping to fund this project in Detroit to help get these bags to Detroit.

small bow to all involved in this endeavor and to Ron for not minding my pokes!

please view the video to see how the news covered the event!

Here is an image of all the boxes shipped to Detroit..hoping more arrive next year!


Boxes of Citypak backpacks ready to be distributed in Detroit!!

a snippet on WDET about Ron Kaplan the maker of these bags!! thanks Ron!!

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