BWB DETROIT Annual Backpacking Event!!… hope to see you there!

SO this is what will happen that day…. come at any part you can help us with.. no obligation to stay any longer than you can!!! All help counts!!

11am- at Anew Life
Meet at storage to get supplies from down the road- this will be at Anew LIfe at Milwaukee and Woodward.
i am guessing we will need 3 trucks/vans- 6 people total minimum

Noon- at Tangent Gallery
Need folks to help unload vehicles and get them in building 4 people to help…

1-4pm- at Tangent Gallery
Set up and pack the backpacks like we do Detroit assembly style

4-5pm- load at Tangent.. Unload at Anew Life
load and return to storage.

5-8pm – Go back to the Tangent and enjoy below for that event.
By doing these two events on the same day and at the same location it will take the strain of how many amazing volunteers we have at the storage building.. which is growing to be too many (who would have ever thought we would have that problem!!) huge thanks to Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics and Chris Casteel!

WHAT- BWB DETROIT Homeless BackPacking Event
WHEN- Sunday November 29, 2015 (the holiday weekend!)
WHERE- Meet at Storage.. end at Tangent gallery

Here is a link to items we can use.. i have funds and will be purchasing a ton of supplies.. thank you Charles A. Gothique and DAMNED as well as donors to BWB Detroit online.

if you cant sign up just post here what you can bring and i will make the edits.

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