BIG THANKS TO THE DEVIL CREW AT DAMNED.. and the patrons too!!

r2lmg8M3_400x400AMNED…another year over and each year I watch the Devil Guys and Gals bust it during the event selling tickets to folks all during the night.

I am not a good salesperson so in my head I am always thanking them for the work they do..but I have not ever thanked them all at once or publicly and i wish to do that now.

Over the years there have been so many great Devils all dressed to nines and looking fine! they work those crowds night after night year after year and help raise a ton of money for BWB Detroit.

i am very thankful for all the time and effort each and every Devil Girl and Devil Guy has ever put into this project and how it supports BWB.. Each of their actions have made a big difference.

and a huge thank you to the Queen of the Devils….Dekilah
for the last three years she has gathered and organized the team and given them all information on BWB and the homeless project we do so these folks can talk about the importance of the project and why we do it.

hug bow to you little lady.. much love.

this years Devil crew included.

past Devils….to remember
Rabbit and Meredith both of who were missed this year.

small bow


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