Krampus Night V & Christmahanakwanza III – A Not-So-Holiday Charity Benefit, Art Exhibition/Bazaar & Bad Variety Show Spectacular!!!

Krampus Night V & Christmahanakwanza III – A Not-So-Holiday Charity Benefit, Art Exhibition/Bazaar & Bad Variety Show Spectacular!!!
….this is an Upcoming Event in support of BWB Detroit –

This event is a super fun art show in Detroit that not only supports BWBD but also Toys for Tots..and you can buy the art off the walls at the Krampus Bazaar of Local Art

Buy some swell affordable art gifts for the naughty on your list (or for your naughty self)! You’ll find everything from small unique stocking stuffers to large original art pieces. And to make this a Black Friday you won’t regret.

Its great for the holiday season. oh wait this is not about the holiday.. Krampus hates the holidaze..instead it’s a great opportunity for the humbugger in you to get out and share your disdain with the season.. but please do not forget to support the homeless and the kids while you are at it.

and don’t miss–



Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, come see a little Miracle on Milwaukee Street starring Satori Circus, Lushes LaMoan, Sofía Syntaxx, Bootsie La Fontaine, Scott Dambacher and featuring Konrad Lee, lounge singer extraordinaire! This X-Mas X-Travaganza is one hilariously disastrous night of amazingly bad lip syncing, barely rehearsed skits and impromptu shenanigans loosely based on your favorite holiday television and film classics!

Do not miss this Jingle Jamboree or Yule be sorry!!!

Times: 10pm Show Pt1 / 11:45pm Intermission / 11pm Show Pt2 / 12a End

There is also a Silent Art Auction for BWB–

Various gracious artist from the DAMNED Exhibition, Corpus Illuminata, the Krampus Bazaar and elsewhere have generously donated amazing pieces of art, merchandise and other items for auction. 100% of the auction funds also benefit Burners Without Borders Detroit to help purchase much needed supplies for their survival backpacks.

Wreck the Halls art exhibition


An Exhibition of Demented Holiday Art, Lights & Animatronics

Sure you’ve seen holiday displays of cheery seasonal art, festive twinkling lights and adorable character animatronics. THIS IS NOT THOSE THINGS! The 5th annual Wreck The Halls (WTH) exhibition is the “anti-holiday” holiday show where local artists create and build the holiday monstrosities they always wanted to build and you always wanted to see! And again, we are clearing up our walls for demented holiday wall art!

From the website for Krampus Detroit they describe BWB Detroit this way and we support it;

Burners Without Borders Detroit

“Creating random acts of kindness and service to Detroit Homeless one supply-filled backpack at a time.”

As we all know, Detroit is on hard economic times and it’s getting harder. This is a perfect time for grassroots community building. This is when organizing our community to network with other organizations in and around Detroit to help those in need is most important.

Detroit Burners without Borders is an opportunity to help others in your area. You do not need to give money, but instead, give of yourself. We get out and interact with the needy that not only provides much needed assistance and supplies, but also leads to building stronger communities, real-life networking (get off the net!) and create new friendships with others you might not otherwise come in contact.

If we, as concerned and proactive citizens, get together to combine forces to volunteer, support and assist others, we will succeed in not only building a stronger city and community but also spreading hope to those who will hopefully be motivated to do the same.

So won’t you join us in our up coming events and please brainstorm with us on ways that we can continue to help others! Who in your city do you see that needs help? What organization could use a robust crew of like-minded citizens to come in and help them on a project? These events could be one-time or ongoing…it matters not. What matters is that they are!!!

WHEN- Friday, December 4at 7:00pm – 2:00am
WHERE- Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom
715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, Michigan 48202 check out the website for a mystery page too!!

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