Older blogs about BWB Detroit

Please know I am migrating older blogs about BWB Detroit from Blogger to this site. Sorry if you get these and they are so not current. Please be patient and understand this is important.

I am going to repost all the old blogs from the blogspot site that I created and maintained before moving over to WordPress..i feel having them all in one spot is a good way to have them all collected and archived together for the history of the project.

I started blogging there in December 30 of 2008 up until October 19, 2012. This site was created in June of 2012 and up and running constant by November of 2012.

This is the heading I had on that page

Little ~d’s World


So if you see them don’t be surprised  if you see a very old blog…as i may  forget to back date them and will incorrectly date them on the day i transfer them.



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One Response to Older blogs about BWB Detroit

  1. jenniekay says:

    Haha. It just showed up as I had emailed you. We were just thinking at the same time! BOOYAH!

    Jennie Kay Creative Ideas. Good Design. Happy You.

    http://www.jenniekay.com linkedin.com/in/jenniekay


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