Mantra Monday

Brieanne Tanner  showed up at our backpacking event and posted this blog on her blog  Mantra Monday

thanks..and nice to have meet you.. hope to see you soon!


From Brieanne;


Mantra Monday, reflections of Burners without Borders Annual Backpacking Event and Potluck

Om shreem maha Lakshmiyeh swaha-translation: Om and Salutations to that feminine energy which bestows all manner of wealth, and for which Shreem is the seed.


It was George harrison’s death anniversary and in his honor and for the love of yoga,  I said my mantras, and listened to “My Sweet Lord” on the drive up to the Tangent Gallery. I already have had enough abundance come my way: a child, a husband, a local yoga teacher.  Maybe I would direct my attention and intention to those that really need it?

The air was crisp but not Detroit cold yet. The bite hadn’t set in and we’d joined together just in time to make that bite less vicious, not for us, for those on the streets. I connected my intention and attention together at this venue, the tangent gallery.

I’m from the East Coast so I didn’t expect there to be so much open space. Parking was a breeze and I floated in with some juice boxes and quinoa.

What I witnessed was an assembly line and people willing to help answer my basic questions.

Assembly line in motion. Workstations already set up. Efficiency.  These people were serious.

I walked back out to my car and  witnessed bicyclists delivering bags to the homeless. You’d have to see it to believe it. I was in awe. I should have taken a picture but wanted to keep working.


I already felt like I (We) the collective had contributed in a positive way and that set the tone for the event.

Of course, I continued repeating the abundance mantra in my subconscious. That’s just me and how I roll but seeing the external world change in front of my eyes-pure joy.

The vacant city full of meaningful graffiti and abandoned, but uninviting is not the word that came to mind

I found my place setting up the food for the potluck. I had a little helper. He was just a kid but diligent about finding out about the ingredients in each dish. We had fun.


I took a break to check on my toddler and then was offered an apple cider beer by a kind group of people. I found a place in the potluck line. Combined with the apple cider beer,  I gathered delicious food: cranberry quinoa salad, and avocado, cacao, and honey for dessert while talking to a well traveled photographer. I was ready to dig in. Ah,  I forgot my utensils! Before I could worry another kind man offered me a fork right out of coat pocket. Then another couple offered me bamboo forks. I felt at home and realized this was a true friendsgiving, a true giving of thanks.

Action, Karma Yoga, People Uniting for the better, whatever you want to call it, the homeless  were equipped to battle the night,the next night and hopefully for longer after that.

I swallowed my last piece of scrumptious vegetarian delight, smiled at the nice, new friends I had made thanked them for the kind offerings they had made to me.


I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I congregated with the Burners Without Borders group. Humanity was at it’s best in a cold dark city, that sometimes gets a bad wrap.  Being part of this event has been one of the highlights of my three year stay in Michigan. This was not a serendipitous encounter for me. It happened because a group of people set intentions, acted on them, and focused their attention on carrying those intentions to fruition. Burners without Borders and Doxie are a paragon of what Detroit needs. I hope this simple blog inspires more people to help.



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