GIVING TUESDAY…hey that’s today!!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a world campaign that promotes donating around the holidays. Please share on all social out lets if possible thanks and would love feed back!
If you read this link below it talks about 5 great NFPs to give to IN Detroit.
Here is what they wrote about US!!

Burners without Borders Detroit

5 Ways to Give Back in Detroit this Holiday Season - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy @McChillz

Over the past few years, Detroit has seen a lot of changes with people migrating to the city and making changes to the Downtown and Midtown areas. However, as with all cities, Detroit has always had a homeless population, and they are always in need of assistance – especially with the colder months approaching. Enter in Burners without Borders Detroit, a local organization helping the less fortunate by supplying them with a backpack full of supplies and a little hope.

BWBD was started by Danielle Kaltz, taking her concept of gifting, civic responsibility, and community effort from her trips to Burning Man, a weekend pilgrimage to a desert in Nevada to celebrate music, community, and art. On her drives to work downtown, she realized that there was a huge population of homeless being turned away by society with little to no care.

Taking time to chat with a couple homeless individuals, she started Burners without Borders Detroit, a group dedicated to supplying this population with necessary items such as hats, scarves, food, toiletry packs, and water – things that most of us take for granted. She fills up a brand new backpack with these items, then hand delivers them to the homeless while making sure to leave time for personal conversations. Any donations this year would help keep these backpacks filled, and you can donate by clicking here!

Why they need your help: “Burners without Borders Detroit-Homeless Backpack Project does direct action care to people on our streets to ease the discomfort of homelessness. We are a 100% volunteer organization that depends on what folks donate. Folks in the community collect and host fundraisers locally by holding all manner of events from art exhibitions, variety and music shows and raffles to cover our costs beyond what is donated by gifts in kind.” – Danielle Kaltz, founder of Burners without Borders Detroit

Here is the link to donate to Burners without Borders ..please select Detriot-
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