Burners without Borders Detroit- Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner

OMG.. this event was soo good and the food was awesome and the people were amazing, the fundraiser was successful…it was my favorite Thanksgiving Community Dinner to date by far!!

The dinner gathering started at 5pm.. food was all set and ready by 6pm.. sorry it was my fault for the delay due to heating up my two turkeys upstairs. (FYI it was the first time I ever cooked turkeys and I must say I was extremely pleased with how they turned out..so moist)(thank you rabbit, stabi, crudo and shit-ton for the community effort in that endeavor of drinking and cooking!)

We had the  BWB Detroit Homeless Backing Project Annual Packing event before our dinner so we could have folks stay and break bread and mingle and network.. because while making the backpacks is so very important.. our creating community around do so is just as important to me!

Big thanks to everyone involved in both events.. i am not even sure i can name everyone.. because each person involved played an important role for sure.

Stand outs of the day in no particular order;

Tony Maceratini

Shawn Matthews

Rosey Zileke

Thomas Kokoszka

John Bowan

Mike Willenborg

Zak Winchester

Donna Beres

Tiffany Daniel and The Shinola crew

Kathryn FeDorko

Jimbo and Joe Van Beal from Tangent

Jason Cockram

The Guillioms – Allison & Anthony

The Casteels – Kim and Chris

Jimi Santigo


and of course Jo Jo Smedo

and so many more.. so sorry if i have neglected to list you.. please forgive me it was a whirlwind of a day.. so much planning for such an intense and fast day!!

Finally counted the Funds raised from the day :

From the raffle ran by Rosey and Jo Jo-  $305

From the buckets collected by Jessca for BWB- $314

From the buckets for the Tangent – $163

Donated cash  from the backpacking event spent on supplies that day $540

McDonalds gift cards gifted that day and distributed 163 totaling gift in kind $815

Of the $619 raised that we have in cash I will be ordering the following supplies to help fill the 30 backpacks we got donated by Grommet to fill with the extra supplies we have ready.

138 more gloves and                                                                                                     138 more thermal socks                                                                                              120 wet wipes                                                                                                                 the reminder will go toward McDonalds $5 gift certs which should be around 50 due to shipping and handling!

not bad.. anything we do not use this year is all shelf stable for next year!..

We can not do what we do without Each of YOU!!!

Thanks to everyone.. huge bow!!






The event fb page https://www.facebook.com/events/499970696843467/

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