Temple Community Gathering: Sharing gratitude w/ Burners Without Borders


Miss Leslie Blackburn is easily one of my favorite humans. She is white light embodied, so pure and blissful. I am so calmed just being in her presence and I am honored to call her a dear friend.

More so when she contacted me recently to see if she could help BWB by collecting donations for us at one of her Temple Gatherings…which I was so honored she would even consider us.. then she told me she would match the donations. So selfless and kind she is.

From her event page…she posted the following;

Curious about Mystery School of the Temple Arts offerings but not sure where to start? Join us at a Temple Gathering!

A regular gathering (about once per month) for seekers, getting a chance to connect and discuss openly on sexuality, consciousness, spirituality, tantra and more! After an opening meditation, we hold a Sacred Circle, creating a safe space to share and ask questions on intimate topics you didn’t think you could talk about. Such a beautiful group forms each time, I love seeing how spirit guides us together! Similar to a Satsang in the yoga tradition (community of truth), with a flavor of the talking stick traditions of Native American shamanism.

November we are celebrating all that we are grateful for and there is no better way to express gratitude then to help others!

“I am so excited to share that all the donations received at this month’s Temple Gathering will be MATCHED by Mystery School of the Temple Arts and donated to Burners without Borders Detroit to support funding the Homeless Backpack Project (getting much needed food and supplies directly into the hands of people who need them) and raising awareness of the homeless issue in Detroit. Deep gratitude to Doxie (Danielle) Kaltz for her empowering work with gestating and bringing this project to life, and to our whole Burner community for fueling it and growing it over the years! Aho!” ~ Leslie Blackburn, founder Mystery School of the Temple Arts”


after the event she excitedly posted this (we share her excitement and gratitude as well!!))

Wow! ‪#‎Gratitude‬ and ‪#‎love‬! This month’s ‪#‎TempleCommunityGathering‬received the largest donations by far, and matched by‪#‎MysterySchooloftheTempleArts‬ means a grand total of $260 goes to‪#‎BurnerswithoutBordersDetroit‬ for the ‪#‎HomelessBackpackProject‬! Yay‪#‎sharingthelove‬ @doxiedetroit hugs! Thank you to all the beautiful beings who came tonight!

 SO MUCH TO LESLIE and Dixon and her temple community!!
huge bow to each of you!
love love






how to find out more about the Mystery School of the Temple Arts- click the link- she does amazing work-


Leslie Blackburn brings years of experience as well as a diverse, perhaps unexpected, background into her work as a Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide. As Leslie pursued her individual spiritual path of deep personal healing and transformation, she was synchronistically brought together with various teachers and partners to deepen together in growth and bring this path of potential into the light for others. Integrating feminine and masculine principles, she dances in the interplay of art, science, philosophy and practice.

Leslie brings a fusion of Art meets Science and East meets West. Her teachings bloom from a blend of experience and training in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Taoism, Yoga, Shamanism, Meditation, QiGong, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Visual Arts, Music, Psycho-Physical Human Capacities, Quantum Physics and Vibrational Dynamics. More about Leslie>> http://www.onespaceconnected.com/about%20Leslie.htm

facebook event page-


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