THANK YOU TO Everyone who was naughty cuz you all sure were nice to BWB!!

Easily between 500 and 600 cans of food were collected.

610$ were raised from the DAMNED Art Auction. additional $40 from a generous vendor. for a total of $650…

$260 collected on Square.. after fees= $249.83 not bad.



Krampus Night posted in Krampus Night V – A Not-So-Holiday Art/Film/Bazaar/Variety Show and Charity Benefit Spectacular!!!.
Krampus Night
December 7 at 8:36pm
We at Krampus Night™ wish to thank you all for quite an amazing night!! But before we list go on with out thanks, please consider either signing up to Krampus Newsletter or join the “Naughty List” Facebook newsgroup to be informed of our event next year, as well as the art calls, KRAP crafting parties and bazaar opportunities:

Much deep thanks goes to always awesome staff of Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom for graciously hosting our event this year and allowing us to Kramp up the place!

Great thanks also goes to all the amazing artists and filmmakers of the Wreck The Halls™ exhibition and film festival, as well as the wonderful merchants of the Krampus Bazaar! And much much thanks to the naughty crafting of the Krampus Recrafting Antidecoration Party (KRAP) for the wondrous “holiday” crafts that decorated the venue!

A hearty bow goes to the hilarious and talented performers of the Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular… Satori Circus, Lushes Lamoan, Sofia Syntaxx, Bootsie La Fontaine, Scott Dambacher and Konrad Lee, Lounge singer Extraordinaire! And a hearty howl into the air goes to the big man himself, Krampus, conjured to life by the insanely talented Luke MacGilvray!

Also much love goes to all the DAMNED and Corpus Illuminata artists who generously donated their art for the auction that raised almost $700 for Burners without Borders Detroit that will greatly help feed and clothe the homeless on our cold city streets. Also a naughty salute to Noir Leather for the use of their throne for Krampus!

And of course, we thank Gretchen, Justine, Sean and Tirchian for their gracious help with the event itself!

And most of all….THANK YOU who attended and made this all one fantastic night of fun and naughtiness! We look forward to doing this again next year. Again, join our newsletter or group (links above) to be notified.

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