Ferndale Santarchy 2015 was this past weekend

This weekend Jessca and Aaron hosted the 9th annual Ferndale Santarchy event!

According to the event organizers; “TOTAL CASH DONATIONS RAISED FROM THIS EVENT: $373!!!! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed this event. This equates to 75 $5 McDonalds gift cards, or immense amounts of other needed items to pack into backpacks for the homeless population in the Detroit metro area. Look what WE have done. 75 human beings can walk into a McDonalds and have a warm, safe place to stay for up to 5 visits.”

Last year they raised $231 which was the first year they started collecting donations for Burners Without Borders Detroit.

Huge thanks to everyone involved and to all who donated. Giving a warm place for someone to eat a meal is a gift we take for granted.



here were the event details..




* Cash donations of any amount are WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED!!! (But NOT required to participate!)(Our goal is to raise additional funds for the Burners without Borders Detroit backpack packing project. Funds will be used to purchase items of great need (food, handwarmers, $5 McDonalds gift cards). Tis the season! Please see Jessca and stuff her rubber chicken purse with your dollars $$$ (Please touch my cock!)
*Wear your finest (or worst) holiday related garb! Don all ye santa hats, reindeer antlers, christmas tree outfits, Darth Clause, yadda yadda, nonsense nosense!
* We WALK from bar to bar to bar, so dress warm!
* Bring your ID: 21+ to participate!
Sara’s rule still applies – If you contact the organizers at any point in the night to find out where we are, you owe us a drink!
* If for any reason a bar does not let you in/requires cover, please proceed to the next venue. We do our best to have it all taken care of, but sometimes capacity is an issue
*** Please be respectful of the venues we have been allowed to be silly in. Don’t be a jerk. Seriously.

Tentative schedule:

8-9 Sneakers Pub
9-11 Orchid
11-12 Twist
12-1 Grasshopper Underground
1-2 SOHO

Should be a fun night! If you have any questions, please let me know.





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