Thanks Libertine!!

Got this tag today from Lianna Trimble.. big thanks to Little Latka!! ( my nickname for her)

Thank you so much to Danielle Doxie Kaltz for helping me get together some much needed items for a homeless friend. Along with the backpack, gloves, and hat that Ms. Doxie supplied, I’ve added a few things.

1. Cheap Plastic Shower Curtain- it’s hard to find a dry spot to lay down in the winter. A tarp or plastic sheet (like a shower curtain) can make a life-saving difference in the snow.
2. Tea Packets- it’s easier to get a free cup of hot water from a gas station, and then they can add their own tea.
3. Hotel Shampoo/Soap – got any leftover hotel goodies lying around? These are great backpack stuffers, and they add some much needed luxury. Just because a person is homeless, doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate nice things. It’s the little things that make us feel more human.
4. Candy – a little sugar goes a long way for quick energy, and the addition of something sweet can put a much-needed smile on their face.
5. Towel + Washcloth – a towel can be used as a pillow, a summer blanket, a useful accessory at the YMCA, etc. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has always been correct about this.
6. Fleece Blanket – These are super cheap, thin enough to be rolled up small, and extremely important in the cold weather.

I’m an incorrigible packrat, so I had all of this lying around. If anyone needs any more towels/sheets, I have more to give. ♥



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