BWB Detroit Street Store October edition


This Sunday is the 432nd Street Store – Detroit, Michigan, USA

HOSTED BY: Danielle Doxie Kaltz and Madeline Frost
SPONSORED BY: Burners Without Borders Detroit

Burners Without Borders Detroit is a direct action organization of concerned people looking to help others with kindness. For the last 9 winter’s we have been doing the Homeless Backpack Project. Where we hit the streets looking for people who do not go to shelters and offer them a supply-filled backpack. The backpacks are stuffed with socks, gloves, a hat, scarves, rain poncho, more socks, juice, hand warmers, water, a soft cereal bar, four-to-five canned goods from various food groups, a can opener, a toiletry pack that includes tissue, handy wipes, toothpaste, a toothbrush and lip balm..and more if items are donated!

This project fits our mission really well of giving dignity to folks on the streets. We are often donated so many clothing items that we can not put in backpacks…this project gives us an excellent opportunity to give them out with kindness & service to Detroit Homeless.




Here is a video of the first one we hosted in July 2016

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