Travelers gift hotel samples!!

So in the last week we have received 3 boxes full of hotel samples and thankfully these boxes have just made there was to me…one box was picked up way out in the burbs .. like Milford-wherever that is by someone in Plymouth (thanks eno!) and brought to Detroit. The gifter is a man who travels the world and saves all the samples and is reaching out to other travelers he knows (about 10) to ask them to do the same. Thank you, Micheal!

These two boxes below were brought to the Tangent Gallery last night by a woman named Michelle. I do not know this woman she just read on facebook that we needed supplies and she called me. She was kind enough to come to the gallery last night. I was not able to meet her but told the door person, Gretchen, that a woman in a beret would be coming. That was all i had to go on. And the mystery woman delivered.

Thank you to everyone involved in received the items from the folks collecting and big thanks to the collectors for reaching out to us to give us what may seem like such a small thing but they help us create hygiene kits for the backpacks and those are items that homeless are often least able to obtain.

Keep the supplies coming!

small bow

Below are the boxes from Michelle ..i see hand warmers and emergency blankets too, bonus!unnamed-1.jpg



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