That DAMNED fundraiser did not disappoint!

And it never does.

1937267_10153892900569780_650946493508827_n.jpgAMNED is a magical three night affair that takes your senses on a dark ride to explore the places deep within you.. those places you often try hard to ignore but that few us know if we dare to take the journey we will emerge more enlighted and before for having taken the dark road there, and back and through! AHO!


One aspect that truly sets DAMNED performances apart from many others is audience immersion. Detroit’s finest and most talented performers often explore greater realms within themselves to share intimately amidst the audience and upon the center pedestal stage exposing a 360-degree view into their journey. No scripts. No secrets. And rarely any self-boundaries.

This year as many years of past..Atelier Gothique donated an amazing piece of jewlery up for raffle.

Words from them to us leading up to the event.;

14264935_10154091163516185_793023160866328020_n.jpgThink of the people this cause supports as your fellow man, woman, child kind……

Now because we believe that words without action are just mere hollow words a number of years ago we partnered with our Damned Family to help support this beyond important cause.

In the 1st couple of years we only sold the raffle tickets at the Damned Event since 2012 we have offered the raffle tickets online prior to the event.

What does the winning ticket get you? Well this year it will be the brand new Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring XVI© custom made to fit you in the XL or Unisex Size with your choice of ceramic inlay color. Now we know that skulls may not be everyone’s thing. Not a fan of Skulls not a problem You can use the winning ticket as a retail credit against the retail of any piece in our line or towards any custom piece.

Even if you don’t win you don’t lose as every ticket bought helps a person in need.
Unlike many product charity raffles we do not take the retail or even our cost to make the item out of the proceeds then donate the rest…
We donate 100% of the funds and we absorb 100% of the cost to make the item, in other words TRUE charity

For more information and a link to buy raffle tickets please visit

Please again share this post lets spread the word and help those in need!
Thank You
Atelier Gothique

THIS ACT OF CHARITY supports BWB every year.. THIS ACT OF CHARITY is our kick off for the season.. THIS ACT OF CHARITY sets the tone for the season…and again this year they raised over $1300.00 for BWB DETROIT.

Those funds are going directly into purchasing much needed backpacks for our volunteers to pack and then get out on the streets of Detroit and the region to help those less fortunate than us…

Thank you to every single Damned person involved in creating and at the DAMNED show who bought a raffle ticket the last three nights…you all helped raise over $1300 for Burners without Borders Detroit…Huge gratitude to Charles A. Gothique Seraphina Black Joseph Ferraro Dekilah Nazari and Anthony Divis…your continued support throughout the years IS the foundation of BWB helping the Homeless of Detroit. To everyone at the Tangent Gallery for being wonderful hosts to allow this magic to happen…small bow..much love.

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