Signup Genius is buzzing today

Lots of activity today on catching up with donations and people emailing to tell us what they are working on ordering.. huge gratitude to everyone for their donations and efforts..

so today we have three posts about donations

First is about a woman we do not know but who found on the internet- Thank you to the lady in the beret.. even though we do not know her.. her name is Michelle Kerr and we thank her the donation of 2 boxes of hygiene supplies

And more toiletries from his globe trotting …Thank you to Michael Freeland for his donation of travel shampoos and lotions for the backpacks!! we appreciate your gift to the project!

Big Thank you to Dweezle Goggs for securing the p51 can openers for the backpacks!!..we used to use p38s..he says these are bigger so easier to use and harder to break! bonus

A very large amount of items we have listed on the signupgenius page have been secured from a generous donation made to Burners without Borders Detroit by Mike Willenborg. More details on that to come. Huge gratitude to you for your continued support.


Please visit our SignupGenius page if you are able to help, thanks

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