Just placed a purchase for 500 $5 Gift Cards.

WOW!!! this is a first.

This is the first time we have been able to purchase 500 $5.00 gift cards to McDonalds all at once before our backpacking event and without having to ask others to purchase more where we could not afford them..!!

HUGE thanks to all the folks who made this happen.;

$1336.00 from DAMNED

$400 from Marc Bee

$350 from funds from last years Ferndale Santarchy we saved

$200 from Lauralee Adams

$200 from an anonymous donor.

$50 from Carol Kaltz

Small bow to everyone for helping out and easing the hustle as we prep to get the backpacking evnet organized!

WHY McDonald’d you ask? 

Because they are ubiquitous. And for $5.00 a homeless person is transformed into a customer. They can go in and order whatever they want and stay in the restaurant and  enjoy their purchase.

I hear some people snicker..’I would never there’ and i say back.. “You are very lucky that you have the freedom of that choice. Not everyone does. And if we can offer them a place to get out of weather and off the streets. A place to warm up, use the bathroom and get a high caloric meal. No one can kick a homeless person out as they are paying customers. ….

That is why we get McDonald’s gift cards.”







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