2016/2017 Backpacking event -AMAZING on Sunday, November 27, 2016

Another year and I am again amazed at the outpouring of support and love and action from this community of Greater Detroit. I wrote the following entry the day after the event.

About 65 people on each shift moved items from storage, transported those items, unloaded them then set tables up to sort the supplies on. then stripped items of all garbage, then packed..until a few folks ran out for supplies that we ran out of and had to be fetched (this happens every year..next year i swear it will not)..then once supplies were back you all packed 544 backpacks with supplies (40 of them for women) and we cleaned up…and some of you took backpacks. of those 173 we signed out by people last night to take and gift out to folks on the streets.

I am still tuckered but so inspired by what we do and what we create for the homeless.. but mostly by each and every one of you…
We all have such busy lives, so many things vie for our time and interest and yet each of you made time to contribute- either by organizing head of time, donating from afar and locally, hosting fundraisers, gifting supplies and funds..then more of you came to help… THIS is what melts my heart and gives me hope for so many things.. esp for our community as it demonstrates how we are all interconnected and how our being willing to be present and connect not only helps others but helps all of us.

I am blessed and blissed to be a part of this and honored to be able to do this with each of you!

much love doxie


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