Thank you to Michelle, Chris and family!

I have to say it warms my heart to no end when people want to hit the streets with me to give out backpacks.. we drive around- talk about the issues of homelessness, meet and help the homeless and get the bonus of bonding ourselves.

It is even more special when people want to do this with their family so they can all experience the situation and talk about it and realize how lucky and fortunate they are. And this is what happened last month when my friend Michelle hit me up to go out with her awesome husband (i consider him my friend too!!) and they brought their children and two nephews in town for the holidays.

All the kids were teens or early twenties and I am sure there were many things they would rather want to do but instead, we got to spend a day helping others.

One of the ‘kids’ lives in Montreal and we talked a bit bout homelessness IS an issue in Canada as well…which might seem surprising considering the services they have. But this is an issue that knows no boundaries and can affect many people.

CJAM radio station recently spent a whole day talking about homelessness in Windsor during the Joe Strummer day. They highlighted how the issues affect that city and all the services there to help people. They suspect over 200 folks are on the streets over Windsor.  The stats indicate that many people you know.. maybe even you are only 3 paychecks from poverty.




Back to Michelle and Chris.. here i will shamelessly talk about what they do for a living..

They own the Glass Academy in Dearborn ..and if you have never been there.. give yourself a treat.  (you can find them at the Rennaisance Festival too!!(

They offer great events both for shopping and hands-on learning of glass work.. I took one once and it was amazing!!.. and the instructor was so good and informative-it is a really wonderful experience.

Check them out at –









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One Response to Thank you to Michelle, Chris and family!

  1. Michelle says:

    Doxie your awesome!! Thanks for the shout out…..appreciated but the real Angel here is you. 🙂 xoxo Looking forward to more backpack days in the future! I have to say it was interesting to travel around Detroit in all the areas we used to live and now meet the people who were actually living on the streets. Felt nice to give back and acknowledge the people in the neighborhood.

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