Families donating together!!

 Frankie is a young lady i know from the Burning Man community and she reached out to me over this winter as she wants to donate along with her family
She asked for items we need and then they generously donated the following!
100 Emergency Mylar Blankets – 84″ x 52″
54 Pairs of Socks
80 Pairs of Hand Warmers
144 Individually Wrapped Toothbrushes
144 Travel Size Toothpaste Tubes
She wanted us to know how much they appreciate this program and she told me it was a pleasure to be able to make a contribution and that her family really loved the idea as well.  The thanks goes to THEM…because we can not do what we do without people like Frankie and her family!!
Kathryn and Nick and their family also made donations to BWB as well over the holidays.. they purchased $5.00 McDonalds cards and donated a big box of toiletries. Those donations with the above ones helped to make more backpacks over the winter!
The selflessness of these families is what helps humanity. There are so many ways to celebrate holidays… and reaching out to those less fortunate to make sure they have what they need is the kindest way to put the reason for the season in action.
Thank you all so much
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