Support the Girls – Detroit- WE DID!!!

We ALSO donated 642 bras to Covenant House Michigan today thanks to the work of several marvelous women: Danielle Doxie Kaltz and Burners without Borders Detroit collaborated with the Potential Detroit Cocktail Rotary Club and Lee Shows Padgett to kick off a drive. Caryl Cunningham collected over 500 bras herself. The metal bra pictured was designed by Olivia Huszti and hung at the Motor City Tattoo Convention, where they collected more bras. Danielle collected even more at NonSense Night in Detroit at the Tangent Gallery. Then Kristen L. sent a few more bras along that made it into the delivery. THANK YOU to everyone who made this insanely successful drive happen. Final note: Covenant House told me that the 200 bras we donated about 2 months ago are already almost gone, such is the need. The work you’re doing really matters.

the amazing Caryl Cunningham- who collected bras at the Motor City Tattoo Convention at her booth…see the big bra below!!

Caryl’s booth at the Motor City Tattoo Convention.  Metal bra pictured designed and made by metal artist Olivia Huszti!
Support the girls organizers son with the all the bras i left at her front door!!17903792_1847460272145400_8601377018567220010_n.jpg
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