2018 BWB Detroit Annual Homeless Backpacking event at the Tangent

NOT only does Joe Van Bael and the crew at the Tangent Gallery (Jimbo and Wizard) let and help us host the event there.. this year they wrote a post about our event on their brand new website…thanks

Absolutely love their logo!! 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the event.. to all the people who donated pre-event..to all the folks who took packs to get out on the streets! 

Thank you to Shinola for showing up again and helping.. this is the 4th year of their contributions and Ms Tiffany organizing it and Mr Chris collected over $500 for additional supplies for the event!! We are humbled.

Thank you to Tall Tony for driving all over the tri-county area to get p38 can openers and missing most of the event! He picked up water and other supplies too! 

Thanks to Krampus the night before and alllll the canned food that was collected that went directly into the packs. 

Thanks to the secret donor who helps us out each year at the event so we have cash for all the emergencies that come up! 

Thank you to my buddy from highschool who got pizza for the crew.

Thank to Zak Winchester for filming …and Erika Brown too with his goat. 

His video is here… https://youtu.be/FZnfM_s-3bs 

There are just soo many people to thank and all the things every person does makes such a difference. from McDonalds gift cards to writing notes to put in each bag!! 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE..no matter who you touch this project your efforts make all the difference. 

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