Together we are stronger…thanks Gail Marlow and Michigan City Mitten Mission.

I meet Gail through facebook when she hit me up to get some backpacks…She showed up at our storage unit on Sunday Dec 23 and took 52 supply filled backpacks and got them on the streets with the dedicated group of volunteers she has through Motor City Mitten Mission 

Here is her post about that day:

She has a video on her post that is really powerful have to go to her post to see it.

Gail Marlow tagged you and 94 others in a post: feeling blessed.Gail wrote: “I wanted to wait until after Christmas to post about how incredibly difficult this past week was with the loss of two souls entirely too young to be taken from us. 13 year old Torrin Breneman who passed away from cancer and 26 year old Kody Addison who passed away from addiction.  I spent most of this week on the streets of metro Detroit passing out much needed “stuff” to some of our homeless living in the elements with not much to their name. we generally go out twice a week but this past week we were out every day…I guess this was my way of coping and making myself feel better…and honestly, it was bittersweet…we were able to help a lot of people.  While seeing many of our regulars, I also made some new friends and shared many hugs with these strangers that were so appreciative of our efforts.  With that said, I reflected on what our world has become, what our society values, how there is such a monumental difference in living only a matter of a few minutes away from neighbors…and how an illness can change and devastate so many people so unexpectedly. And as I was driving around downtown today I thought about how easy so many of the homeless are hidden or simply disregarded and walked by as if they don’t matter…we have to do a better job of watching out for one another…a better job of taking care of our environment and world…maybe not always put ourselves first…maybe allow ourselves to be inconvenienced once in a while or leave our comfort zone. Maybe think about the greater good for humanity???  I believe in hard work and putting your dues in…but sometimes people just need a hand up…as I’ve said many times, any of us are only a step away from being homeless regardless how stable you think you currently are. “Things” do happen.  So I made this short video of a song by one of my favorite bands, Queen called “Is This The World We Created”! It’s not a happy or uplifting video…but rather reality on the current state of our communities. I hope this video will inspire you to want to make the world a better place…to pay it forward and spread a little love. I personally dedicated my efforts and outreach this week to Torrin and Kody…they both were always trying to do for others even when they couldn’t do for themselves! ️ The Motor City Mitten Mission distributed our plarn mats and pillows (we’re super low on them folks), meals prepared by Vicki Klobuchar-Boudro who does them In Loving Memory of Rachel Frevik-her daughter (Thanks, Panera Bread, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Cindy Trotta, Penny Webster, Shirley G. Marlow, Carrie Breneman Chmura, Jason Breneman, Robert A Nahra (Chef Bobby) and Encore Catering & Banquet Center for providing the food that went out this week), and fully stocked survival backpacks put together by so many of our wonderful volunteers with donations provided by so many of you as well as a ton provided by my new friend Danielle Doxie Kaltz and her crew. ️ Thanks for helping us help others! Be inspired! ️️ #motorcitymittenmission #mcmm #rosecitymission #plarnfarm #torrinstrong #gonebutnotforgottenkody #hugsfromthehomeless #helpushelpothers #beinspired”
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  1. Chris says:

    Powerful message

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