MooseJaw supports BWB Detroit and we are so thankful!

Some time ago Jess Rowland reached out to me to see if BWB Detroit would be interested in going to MooseJaw to do an employee community event. They would provide supplies to put in backpacks that we give out to the homeless.. UHM YEAH!..

So I met with MAX.. an amazing guy at MooseJaw and we worked out the details. We picked a date, I got the backpacks, they got the supplies and we when Mike Zak and I showed up they had like 15 employees already sorting out all the supplies and striping them of excess trash and lining it all out on tables so we could fill them assembly Detroit.

The staff was really friendly and so helpful and they stuffed like 250 backpacks and even helped us load them all into Mike’s truck and did it with no issue and in a tight time frame.

We are so thankful to EVERYONE at MOOSEJAW for this amazing gift and opportunity to meet new folks and make new friends!!

Small bow to each of you.

much love Burners without Borders Detroit

Images from Torri Buback and Danielle Kaltz

more images from ~doxie found in gallery below

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