Homeless Lives Matter Detroit!

We want to thank the folks at Homeless Lives Matter Detroit! They have been helping to get backpacks out in Detroit and down river. They post a lot of images and videos but they never show a homeless persons face, that way no one is exploited.

This crew below are doing a lion’s share of organizing and helping out others.

Big thanks to them!!


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Breaking Borders Sci-fi..this past weekend!!

Hope you were able to make it out to the Tangent this weekend for the annual BREAKING BORDERS


The crew below put on an amazing event.. the SCI-FI theme was a hit.


The costumes and art were very much in the spirit!! Art sales from this event support Burners Without Borders..and at the annual Backpacking event in December last year Miss Xania was the MVP -showing up just as supplies were running out to save the day!!

Check out the link above for the group and this one for the past event.. both have great images. https://www.facebook.com/events/506445536396894/


Hope to see you at the next one!!

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Images from the BWB Detroit Annual Backpack event 2017…thanks B.P. LeGault

BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 20BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 19BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 18BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 17BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 16BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 15BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 14BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 13BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 12BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 11BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 10BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 09BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 08BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 07BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 06BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 05BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 04BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 03BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 02BWB Det Backpack 2017 by B.P. LeGault 01unnamed-3 Continue reading

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Call For Art!!! Breaking Borders “Sci-Fi”!


This event supports Burners without Borders Detroit!


Dare to break the borders between science and fiction… Dare to blur the lines between this world and the next…
Dare to cross the line of the space time continuum…
Let’s Break Borders together!

How far out into space does your mind travel? What do aliens look like in your imagination? What craft would you design to travel the universe in?
Show us your Sci-Fi art! Spaceships, aliens, robots, science, UFO’s, time travel, planets, innerspace, and outerspace! Explore the entire universe!
We are seeking all mediums including but not limited to Photography, Painting, Sculpture, and Multi Media art!

Send your submissions to breakingbordersdetroit@yahoo.com

DEADLINE: Midnight on December 21st, 2017!!!

Submission Email Must Include:

• Artist’s Legal Name,
• Professional Name, if different.
• Street Address,
• City, State, Postal Code.
• Country (if non-U.S.)
• Telephone contact number.

For each piece of artwork submitted, please include the following:
• Title(s).
• Medium.
• Physical dimensions of piece(s).
• Approximate price range.
• A brief description of how the piece(s) is/are magical to you.

Please attach 1 photo of each piece of photographic/2d art. You may submit up to 4 photos of any sculpture or 3d art! Please be sure all images are in JPG format and in reasonable size (under 1MB please). Each image should be titled with artist’s name and name of piece (ex: artistname_piecetitle.jpg).
There is no limit to how many pieces you may submit, and there is no fee to submit.

Once the art is selected there will be a $10 Registration fee per artist. (Not per piece)

Event takes a 20% commission of sold art. Proceeds will go to Burners without Borders Detroit!

Please share! All are welcome to submit!

Join our page for updates and inspiration!

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Over 400 Backpacks created for the homeless- 133 already taken by volunteers!

This year we had supplies enough to fill 400 backpacks with supplies and food for the homeless. and to help supplies were coming in all day. and 2 shopping carts full of food were there that had been collected at the Krampus event held at the Tangent two nights before.. Read that blog here


unnamed-3.jpg Image by Kathryn Rathbun

The day was set up into two shifts. Volunteers were encouraged to pick 1 of 2 shifts so that the event space was not overwhelmed and people did not feel useful. We love volunteers and want to utilize time efficiently!

We blogged about the event live…here is the link to that

How the event goes every year…Two shifts are set up:
*12 noon -2:30pm to help sort and set up.
*2:30 to 5 to pack.

This ear by about 2pm.. everything was set up and the backpacks were ready to follow the line to fill like we do Detroit assembly style. Every item had unpacking  and stripping of the  wrapping and tags. Then arranged on tables in order of weight so the heavy items are placed in first…ending with the gloves and handwritten notes of love. 

The 2nd shift filled the backpacks in Record time..by 2:30pm all the packs were filled and by 3:30pm folks were loading full packs backing into the trailer and returning them to storage down the street! While a team of five were loading packs into the storage space another group of about 4 took extra supplies and clothes from the event to the Homeless Veterans center -Piquette Square just down the street. And three boxes of left over feminine gloves, hats, scarves along with half of the feminine supplies will be taken to a Dr.s office in the area that serves under privileged women. 

Every year this we get more and more dialed in and it takes less time, next year the event will be more condensed and the Community Potluck Dinner will start just after the event ends..so we can include more people who pack in the dinner-breaking bread with folks you just worked with is a sure way to strengthen connections. 

So while the final count is not in yet but we did fill over 400  backpacks and of those- 126 were taken by volunteers before the end of the event so they could be given out.
and the timing is perfect.. while the weather has been a bit warm lately the temps are supposed to drop to the 30s this evening.

There were information boards this year for BWB Detroit’s other project Free Store to show what we do. This were to help explain to the new volunteers our history and how they can be involved moving forward. Thank you to Madeline Frost, Alex Janoski and Mark Rothman for making those.

(sadly the image is out of focus! but you get the idea) unnamed-2.jpg

A very special shout out to Ashisa Philips who showed up with a crew after having spread the word to many bike clubs in the city.  I am told they were about 5 bike clubs and a motorcycle club and they collectively took about 50 backpacks and one group came from as far as Ypsilanti. They  were great to work with and help so much with the backpacking and the community dinner event as well. The best part is that they want to stay connected and involved. We very much look forward to building this relationship and collaborating on future projects.

24301246_1943973835923828_1921334621943637851_n.jpgBig thanks to all the bike clubs  The Truth Riderz were there as well as the D-town Riders Bike Club.  and our Brotherhood Clubs Detroit Lane Bangers, Night Owl Riders, Queens & Divas and Pedal up riders.

I want to give another special shout out to the folks in Detroit who helped back this event happen while I was out of town. All the folks listed below as well as Kathryn Fe-Dork-o, Jessica Ann and Tall Tony!! Without the dedication and time commitment to this project while doxie was out of town this event would not haven happened!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.50.04 PM.png

So many people contribute in so many ways….and even as Xania did who showed up from Breaking Borders just in time to purchase 400 additional cans of protein to supplement the pax!

Just some of the supplies for the event.. and no they were not boxes of t-shirts but brand new supplies to fill the brand new backpacks. Thanks to E-Z Ford for the extended use of his trailer to collect and move the supplies. Thanks to Tall Tony and Jason(shit-ton) for fetching all the supplies and esp to Jason for working the event on his Birthday! unnamed.jpg

Small bow to everyone…..I am so excited to get home and hit the streets. Already receiving emails from people who loved the event and want to go out with me to learn how to do it!!

See you all very soon

love doxie

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These two…..Kim and Chris Casteel

Kim and Chris Casteel were at the VERY FIRST event i had at my the basement of my place in Hamtramck.. i posted it on MYSPACE.. and didn’t really understand the notice was public and i put a note on the door to come in and they showed up…i was like who are these people in my basement and it was weird  for like a second and then it was AWESOME. and THEY have been CONSTANT ever since.. it is because of them that we have a solid storage location in the city near where we host our annual backpacking event and i am proud to call them friends..and honored beyond words!!

They are two of the nicest, fun loving, at all the events in the city, generous, authentic people I know.. my life is better for them being in it..and i thank them!!

Next time you see them.. pat them on the back and say thanks to them for being part of the quiet architecture that holds this program together!!

small bow ~d


Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 12.22.01 PM.png

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TODAY – RIGHT NOW is the BWB Detroit Annual backpacking event.

2017 Burners without Borders Detroit Homeless Backpack packing is happening today Sunday Dec 3 at the Tangent Gallery. 23379990_10156039657299101_3256081756038048006_n.jpg


First time i (doxie) have not been there to run this event… INSTEAD a competent group of amazing friends and volunteers agreed that the show must go on even though i am in San Fran until xmas..

On October 20th i asked a handful of peeps who have done this for years with us if they wanted to not do it this year, wait til January or do it themselves..and they stepped up!!

I ordered everything from afar.. set up some resources we use each year to track things and we all talked online to prep for TODAY.. and i am getting texts, calls, video and images of how well it is going… organized chaos.. ASSEMBLY STYLE.. ala Detroit!!

Donations are still coming … we will be able to put more in the bags due to them and prep for upcoming projects!!

To everyone who helps.. in all the ways possible..and there are so many access points it is hard to name all the people who help.. this project is so accessible that is why it is project that has grown so much from me just doing it out my car to SOO many amazing people calling it ‘their’ project…. this is me to we.. WE ALL DO THIS!! and WE CAN NOT DO IT WITHOUT EACH OTHER….so much love.. my eyes are filled with tears while i sit in San Fran and enjoy all the messages and love coming in!!

Thank you all so much for doing this..my heart melts.

OMG and i just heard that most the packs are filled in like 25 minutes!!! A NEW RECORD!!!



Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 11.52.40 AM.png


oh and it looks like someone tagged the Tangent.. thanks ALEX


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