Mystery donor of MANY toiletries!!

Her name is Michelle- that much I know.. She called me once, I missed the call…now we text. I have never met this woman but she has donated supplies to BWB Detroit on two occassions and goes out of her way to get the supplies to us things we very much need- Toiletries!!

We are so very thankful to her for her efforts..and hope she continues!!

a small example of what she gives..the next donatation was much bigger and we used them at this past weekends FreeStore held at the Mariner’s Inn!!


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Support the Girls – Detroit- WE DID!!!

We ALSO donated 642 bras to Covenant House Michigan today thanks to the work of several marvelous women: Danielle Doxie Kaltz and Burners without Borders Detroit collaborated with the Potential Detroit Cocktail Rotary Club and Lee Shows Padgett to kick off a drive. Caryl Cunningham collected over 500 bras herself. The metal bra pictured was designed by Olivia Huszti and hung at the Motor City Tattoo Convention, where they collected more bras. Danielle collected even more at NonSense Night in Detroit at the Tangent Gallery. Then Kristen L. sent a few more bras along that made it into the delivery. THANK YOU to everyone who made this insanely successful drive happen. Final note: Covenant House told me that the 200 bras we donated about 2 months ago are already almost gone, such is the need. The work you’re doing really matters.

the amazing Caryl Cunningham- who collected bras at the Motor City Tattoo Convention at her booth…see the big bra below!!

Caryl’s booth at the Motor City Tattoo Convention.  Metal bra pictured designed and made by metal artist Olivia Huszti!
Support the girls organizers son with the all the bras i left at her front door!!17903792_1847460272145400_8601377018567220010_n.jpg
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Helping the Detroit Phoenix Center

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 8.52.21 PM.png

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The Guilliom Family Foundation has again honored us with a grant.

And we are so blissed and blessed by this.. we knew they were considering us for the grant but to be honest it slipped my mind until I opened a letter last night in my mailbox.

They have contributed $1350.00 to us for the project. This will help us to afford to replenish many of the shelf stable items we need for the backpacks!

BWB Detroit is beyond honored to have them on our team helping us help others.

I adore Anthony and Allison.. and their passion for living..they are both so amazingly sweet, funny and generous beyond anything you might expect.

We thank them both so much and the whole family foundation.







In 2011 we were awarded 888.99$ from the Guilliom Family Foundation

In 2012 we were awarded 1200.00$ from the Guilliom Family Foundation

In 2014 we were awarded 1750.00$ from the Guilliom Family Foundation

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BWB Inventory post packing!

In November two people did an inventory of all the items we had on deck.. and it was quite a list.. we are going to need another inventory come April …hint hint 😉

here is an idea of what we use …


INVENTORY 2016/2016 done 11/25/2016




Toothpaste/brush kits…22

hair picks….576








foot warmers…44

wipe packs…..45



liquid hand soaps, large…..32

pregbagged  feminine products…..41 bags

loose fem products in that box….see sheet on box…didn’t write it down

beard balm….288

kleenex packs….50

36 cans baked beans


Taken from your garage….

gloves….32 adult/ 13 kids



socks…..122 adult/ 8 kids


granola bars….30

there are 13 boxes of 36 ea. of backpacks downstairs, new backpacks in 2 boxes( same as the ones upstairs)….. 63


the few boxes, crates, etc in the room next to the vault are not counted yet. They are mostly random toiletries, one is a crate of 23 premade toiletry bags to go in backpacks.

and there is a box full of plastic bags holding all the contents of a complete backpack I believe. looks like maybe 15 of those….

There are also a couple small boxes of food, has not been counted, but all the cans have been checked for expiration date. The ones that are expired are against the back wall in that room. below the empty boxes left over.

There are about 10 backpacks in the vault that were never used, they are still in there. Empty ones.



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XMas day 2016 and passing it forward.

It is rare that folks have the time or want to hit the streets with me on my yearly trip to the streets on Christmas Day..well this year was very different we needed to take two cars.

I want to thank Mike Willy, Tabi, Jason and Tony for giving up a day where they could have stayed warm and done anything and chose to hit the streets looking for folks who do not go to shelters  or even hang out around them.. as we look for folks in less obvious places around the city.

I do not often take photos.. as I waffle on the thin line of exploitation and feeling weird about it but I did this day.

This is Roman…I had not seen him in the normal spot he had been the last few years.. over by Detroit Receiving.. he told me security had been giving him a hard time so he moved. I was super happy to find him.

Here is an image of Roman he requested a cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar.. so we went to Starbucks in Greektown..only place open on xmas and got him a cup.


And just randomly I paid for the cup of coffee for the guy behind me..I do this from time to time and then I said hello to him and asked him what he was doing in Detroit

He name was Ross he was in from Texas and GET THIS.. he was with his family giving out gift packs to the homeless.. oh yea I was meant to meet that guy.. thanks, Ross.



Some of the other gentlemen we saw on the streets.. these guys were up by 8 and I75.


Notice the Church of Everyon 1 hat!  20161225_141803




Here is Jason and Mike W. talking to a man in Roosevelt Park. 20161225_162459

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Thank you to Michelle, Chris and family!

I have to say it warms my heart to no end when people want to hit the streets with me to give out backpacks.. we drive around- talk about the issues of homelessness, meet and help the homeless and get the bonus of bonding ourselves.

It is even more special when people want to do this with their family so they can all experience the situation and talk about it and realize how lucky and fortunate they are. And this is what happened last month when my friend Michelle hit me up to go out with her awesome husband (i consider him my friend too!!) and they brought their children and two nephews in town for the holidays.

All the kids were teens or early twenties and I am sure there were many things they would rather want to do but instead, we got to spend a day helping others.

One of the ‘kids’ lives in Montreal and we talked a bit bout homelessness IS an issue in Canada as well…which might seem surprising considering the services they have. But this is an issue that knows no boundaries and can affect many people.

CJAM radio station recently spent a whole day talking about homelessness in Windsor during the Joe Strummer day. They highlighted how the issues affect that city and all the services there to help people. They suspect over 200 folks are on the streets over Windsor.  The stats indicate that many people you know.. maybe even you are only 3 paychecks from poverty.




Back to Michelle and Chris.. here i will shamelessly talk about what they do for a living..

They own the Glass Academy in Dearborn ..and if you have never been there.. give yourself a treat.  (you can find them at the Rennaisance Festival too!!(

They offer great events both for shopping and hands-on learning of glass work.. I took one once and it was amazing!!.. and the instructor was so good and informative-it is a really wonderful experience.

Check them out at –









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