Older blogs about BWB Detroit

I am going to repost all the old blogs from the blogspot site that I created and maintained before moving over to WordPress..i feel having them all in one spot is a good way to have them all collected and archived together for the history of the project.

this is the link to it http://littledsworld.blogspot.com/ which is still there as of November, 2015.

I started blogging there on December 30 of 2008 up until October 19, 2012. This site was created in June of 2012 and up and running constantly by November of 2012.

This is the heading I had on that page

Little ~d’s World

Most of this blog is now dedicated to the homeless project I have been doing. started this in 2007 by cruising around to find the Highway Men, what I call the men who live under the highway passes. In 2008 I bugged people I know and don’t for food and clothes as its expanded to anywhere I meet a homeless person on the streets..so yea I just drive around looking for people then ask them if they need any help. these are some of the stories. I continue this in 2010 and into the 2011 season.