Debbee Lotito has long supported BWB Detroit…now she is doing this…..

OMG!! Debbee Lotito is selling her art to raise money for Burners without Borders Detroit..  To me her pieces are whimsical, full of color and very emotional. And her prices are very affordable. Please take a look at her great work and think about early xmas gifts or birthday or self gifts (i like those!!!)

From her website she states;

Through the end of November, all proceeds will go toward a very worthy cause:  Burners Without Borders Detroit (BWBD).
BWBD is a grassroots, 100% volunteer organization that supports a large homeless community in Detroit.  Around Thanksgiving every year, a team of 100+ volunteers support BWBD (including yours truly) by filling backpacks.  The backpacks are filled with daily living needs such as socks, gloves, hats, scarves, rain ponchos, emergency blankets, juice,  hand warmers, water,  protein and cereal bars, canned goods from various food groups, toiletry packs and other living supplies.  Filled backpacks are then handed out by individual volunteers, gifted one at a time, to homeless on the streets.
100% of the money I raise through the end of November will go toward purchase of basic necessities listed above for this effort.
Only 10 limited edition reproduction prints will be made available per image ! Each print will be hand signed (on the back) with a personal note. Each print has a 1/4″ white border to accommodate for framing. Thank you for your support!
Please note, shipping is $5.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me


These are only SOME of the prints..go to her site to see more .
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In appreciation of the Guilliom Family Foundation

​It was brought to my attention this week that the Guilliom Family Foundation has been donating to BWB Detroit for 6 years and has donated over $8K in the time…the reminder of this generosity prompted me to write to them on behave of all of us for what they are contributing to…..and it is good to remember it is way more than handing out a backpack.
Dear Members of the Guilliom Family Foundation, ​
It is hard to believe that for 6 years we at Burners without Borders Detroit have been so fortunate to have received funds from you not once but repeatedly. I wish it was easy to explain to your family what a difference the funds you have donated have made. It is more than a supply filled backpack..which alone can change the direction of someone’s evening who may not have a place to sleep, or food to eat, or dry supplies to keep themselves warm. Your donation also helps build and sustain a community of people who love and also support this project through coming back year after year to contribute in additional ways. It humbles me so to watch the ownership of this project, the expansion of what we do and how we do it because people are dedicated to it happening. There are so many access points to what we do and I have countless stories I wish I could share with you about the feelings people have from assembling a bag, to hosting an event to collect socks or gift cards, to going out on the street to give out bags…even though I am not able to share them please know you have contributed to building relationships, fostering community and expanding this program to a much wider audience.
Even though we may not ever meet the rest of you.. I want you to know we are proud to have you in Our family. What you do is making an impact on the world..and we are grateful to each of for that.
small bow
Danielle Kaltz..doxie
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Atelier Gothique & the DAMNED family again gives huge support to BWB Detroit!!

This is the first year i have not been in Detroit for Halloween in forever..which means I sadly missed the 10th anniversary of The DAMNED. This event has been near and dear to my heart since the first one I attended..which i think might have been the first year of the event to see my dear friend Joe and ended up helping with the show.. cuz that is what you do.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.34.57 PM.png

Ever since then I have been honored to stage manage for this event and work with the best and more professional crew of organizers and performers in the city.

A few years ago the amazing designer and owner of  Atelier Gothique Charles, came up with a a very generous fundraiser to support BWB Detroit and this has been one of our more generous fundraisers ever since. He gifts a piece of jewelry- A Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring from his collection.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.40.18 PM.png


Then the stunning and horny Devil Girls spend many hours during each night of the event and sell tickets to the raffle and give out the best little stickers to everyone who purchases a ticket.    Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.48.57 PM.png

And then at the strike of twelve (or as close as we can get to that time!!) on the evening of the Masquerade Ball the lovely and voluptuous Seraphina Black plucks the winning ticket from a hat and one lucky winner is chosen and gifted an amazing expertly crafted ring that is manufactured utilizing the highest standards and techniques of Hand Fabrication, Forging, Machining, hard hand setting and Casting. How special that is.

But I dare say and I know in my heart that that person is not the only winner of the evening..oh no.  Burners without Borders Detroit is additionally a winner. The gift made by Charles and the DAMNED family is one that helps create so many supply filled backpacks…it also brings in so many volunteers from this family to our family to help pack the backpacks and get some out to those who need them on the streets. We are so deeply grateful to the cross pollination of families and the deep generosity of gifting and support.

On the evening of Oct 28th… Rabbit texted me the following image…Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 12.34.05 PM.png

…and it melted my heart…i wept knowing that the family was all together having a magical masquerade filled with dark arts and still made time to help our project for yet another year.

with deepest love and gratitude from our dark hearts to yours!!

BWB Detroit and I thank you

so much love





UPDATE.(11.6.17)  from THE DAMNED Page…here is what they wrote….we appreciate knowing the fuller details so we give appropriate thanks.


 To you amazing DAMNED patrons and online fans who purchased raffle tickets for the Atelier Gothique fundraiser, THANK YOU!

With your generosity, we raised $1026 for Burners without Borders Detroit! This will greatly help to purchase much needed basic-need supplies (canned goods, water, toiletries, underclothing, gloves, blankets, etc) to create hundreds of survival backpacks for those on our cold streets and not in the crowded homeless shelters. This is real-life grassroots community “giving” by volunteers in the true spirit of the word with no corporate management profiteering and your generosity makes this happen!

Want to make a difference in Detroit, help those in need, make new friends and be a part of something truly special? Follow BWBD to get a notice when their next backpacking party begins:

Burners without Borders Detroit

Thank you again and remember: Be the change you wish to see in Detroit!

P.S. Much heartfelt DAMNED gratitudes goes to Dekilah and the DAMNED Devil Girls & Guys (JessicaLynnRachelRyanSaraSophia & Yana) for their hard work in selling nearly 200 raffle tickets during the event to make this a reality. Without you all, this can never happen each DAMNED year. And tremendous gratitude goes to Atelier Gothique for their generous donation of their fine alternative jewelry to the raffle each year! Please check out their work at:





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Additional ways to contribute to BWB Detroit!

Any donation amount helps us make a difference together…

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.05.01 AM.png If you use Paypal it will go into a larger kitty that we use to make bulk purchases.

At BWB Detroit we do not have a direct paypal..but we do have a fiscal sponsor through Chicago’s B.U.R.N. NFP; is the address we use for Paypal . – Please make a note it is for BWB Detroit


Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.05.35 AM.pngYou can also make a purchase from our amazon wish list and it will be sent directly to us.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

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2017 Sign Up Genius.. we need your help!

So quickly a year has gone by and it is time again to start thinking about the BWB Detroit Homeless BackPack Project again…not that we ever forget.
We have a SignUpGenuis for donations..donate if you can. Please Share the link with others.
…please help us help them!
info on the packing event and holiday dinner to soon follow!!
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Families donating together!!

 Frankie is a young lady i know from the Burning Man community and she reached out to me over this winter as she wants to donate along with her family
She asked for items we need and then they generously donated the following!
100 Emergency Mylar Blankets – 84″ x 52″
54 Pairs of Socks
80 Pairs of Hand Warmers
144 Individually Wrapped Toothbrushes
144 Travel Size Toothpaste Tubes
She wanted us to know how much they appreciate this program and she told me it was a pleasure to be able to make a contribution and that her family really loved the idea as well.  The thanks goes to THEM…because we can not do what we do without people like Frankie and her family!!
Kathryn and Nick and their family also made donations to BWB as well over the holidays.. they purchased $5.00 McDonalds cards and donated a big box of toiletries. Those donations with the above ones helped to make more backpacks over the winter!
The selflessness of these families is what helps humanity. There are so many ways to celebrate holidays… and reaching out to those less fortunate to make sure they have what they need is the kindest way to put the reason for the season in action.
Thank you all so much
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Hand knitted hats

Morgan Manasa is a friend of a friend who learned about what BWB Detroit does. and she sent us a package of hand knitted hats!!!
She had been crocheting since she was eleven years old and decided recently to make items to donate to various charities. When she heard about BWBDetroit she knew she had to send in some hats.
She just needs more yarn to make more hats…got some? her and send it to her so you can help her help others!
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