Thanks Libertine!!

Got this tag today from Lianna Trimble.. big thanks to Little Latka!! ( my nickname for her)

Thank you so much to Danielle Doxie Kaltz for helping me get together some much needed items for a homeless friend. Along with the backpack, gloves, and hat that Ms. Doxie supplied, I’ve added a few things.

1. Cheap Plastic Shower Curtain- it’s hard to find a dry spot to lay down in the winter. A tarp or plastic sheet (like a shower curtain) can make a life-saving difference in the snow.
2. Tea Packets- it’s easier to get a free cup of hot water from a gas station, and then they can add their own tea.
3. Hotel Shampoo/Soap – got any leftover hotel goodies lying around? These are great backpack stuffers, and they add some much needed luxury. Just because a person is homeless, doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate nice things. It’s the little things that make us feel more human.
4. Candy – a little sugar goes a long way for quick energy, and the addition of something sweet can put a much-needed smile on their face.
5. Towel + Washcloth – a towel can be used as a pillow, a summer blanket, a useful accessory at the YMCA, etc. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has always been correct about this.
6. Fleece Blanket – These are super cheap, thin enough to be rolled up small, and extremely important in the cold weather.

I’m an incorrigible packrat, so I had all of this lying around. If anyone needs any more towels/sheets, I have more to give. ♥



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Thornetta speaks the truth!

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WHAT????  ZAK and what army..presents….Nonsense Night…

The theme is ABUNDANCE

(Mirthy, Abundant, Ghost of xmas present, Winter Solstice, Muppets Christmas Carol.. sorta vibes)
& since it’s merryment season we seek to not only swim in the lakes of gorgeous goodnesses we have found for ourselves,
but to give back alittle golden greatnessnesses to our community.

For Burners Without Borders Detroit, PLEASE BRING…. SOCKS, HATS, GLOVES AND $5. Mc Donalds GIft Cards.. these are what we are in most need of.

most desirable foods would be finger-foods that don’t require utensils. If you bring a fabulous dish that requires utensils please supply the utensils. Best to arrive early (7:30-8:15) if you’re bringing a dish.

Cover is donation based. We say it’s $5-? but what we really mean is give what you think the experience is worth, relative to what you are able to give:)

white clothing OPTIONAL
To celebrate Solstice and the the return of the sunlight, white/light creative clothing and costume-age is encouraged.

Performances by:

Jesse Fox
Neebo of Downtown Brown (solo acoustic)
Zak & What Army?
Neural Patterns
Azareen and Celeste, bellydance duo

With a very magical ritual of Abundance by Fox & Wolf at 9:15 sharp.

Come & bring several opend minded friends..
it’s gonna be golden.

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Ferndale Santarchy 2015 was this past weekend

This weekend Jessca and Aaron hosted the 9th annual Ferndale Santarchy event!

According to the event organizers; “TOTAL CASH DONATIONS RAISED FROM THIS EVENT: $373!!!! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed this event. This equates to 75 $5 McDonalds gift cards, or immense amounts of other needed items to pack into backpacks for the homeless population in the Detroit metro area. Look what WE have done. 75 human beings can walk into a McDonalds and have a warm, safe place to stay for up to 5 visits.”

Last year they raised $231 which was the first year they started collecting donations for Burners Without Borders Detroit.

Huge thanks to everyone involved and to all who donated. Giving a warm place for someone to eat a meal is a gift we take for granted.



here were the event details..




* Cash donations of any amount are WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED!!! (But NOT required to participate!)(Our goal is to raise additional funds for the Burners without Borders Detroit backpack packing project. Funds will be used to purchase items of great need (food, handwarmers, $5 McDonalds gift cards). Tis the season! Please see Jessca and stuff her rubber chicken purse with your dollars $$$ (Please touch my cock!)
*Wear your finest (or worst) holiday related garb! Don all ye santa hats, reindeer antlers, christmas tree outfits, Darth Clause, yadda yadda, nonsense nosense!
* We WALK from bar to bar to bar, so dress warm!
* Bring your ID: 21+ to participate!
Sara’s rule still applies – If you contact the organizers at any point in the night to find out where we are, you owe us a drink!
* If for any reason a bar does not let you in/requires cover, please proceed to the next venue. We do our best to have it all taken care of, but sometimes capacity is an issue
*** Please be respectful of the venues we have been allowed to be silly in. Don’t be a jerk. Seriously.

Tentative schedule:

8-9 Sneakers Pub
9-11 Orchid
11-12 Twist
12-1 Grasshopper Underground
1-2 SOHO

Should be a fun night! If you have any questions, please let me know.





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Beard Balm of Detroit- THANK YOU!

sideways logo.png

HUGE thanks to Jon Kollar and Beard Balm of Detroit.. again for the 3rd year in a row he has donated over 400 cans to go in the backpacks for the homeless!!

If you have a beard or know a man who does.. i suggest you look this company up. They smell so good.. natural essential oils do that!

You can buy them locally.. check out the website to find out where..

or you can buy on the website.. here is the link-















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THANK YOU TO Everyone who was naughty cuz you all sure were nice to BWB!!

Easily between 500 and 600 cans of food were collected.

610$ were raised from the DAMNED Art Auction. additional $40 from a generous vendor. for a total of $650…

$260 collected on Square.. after fees= $249.83 not bad.



Krampus Night posted in Krampus Night V – A Not-So-Holiday Art/Film/Bazaar/Variety Show and Charity Benefit Spectacular!!!.
Krampus Night
December 7 at 8:36pm
We at Krampus Night™ wish to thank you all for quite an amazing night!! But before we list go on with out thanks, please consider either signing up to Krampus Newsletter or join the “Naughty List” Facebook newsgroup to be informed of our event next year, as well as the art calls, KRAP crafting parties and bazaar opportunities:

Much deep thanks goes to always awesome staff of Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom for graciously hosting our event this year and allowing us to Kramp up the place!

Great thanks also goes to all the amazing artists and filmmakers of the Wreck The Halls™ exhibition and film festival, as well as the wonderful merchants of the Krampus Bazaar! And much much thanks to the naughty crafting of the Krampus Recrafting Antidecoration Party (KRAP) for the wondrous “holiday” crafts that decorated the venue!

A hearty bow goes to the hilarious and talented performers of the Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular… Satori Circus, Lushes Lamoan, Sofia Syntaxx, Bootsie La Fontaine, Scott Dambacher and Konrad Lee, Lounge singer Extraordinaire! And a hearty howl into the air goes to the big man himself, Krampus, conjured to life by the insanely talented Luke MacGilvray!

Also much love goes to all the DAMNED and Corpus Illuminata artists who generously donated their art for the auction that raised almost $700 for Burners without Borders Detroit that will greatly help feed and clothe the homeless on our cold city streets. Also a naughty salute to Noir Leather for the use of their throne for Krampus!

And of course, we thank Gretchen, Justine, Sean and Tirchian for their gracious help with the event itself!

And most of all….THANK YOU who attended and made this all one fantastic night of fun and naughtiness! We look forward to doing this again next year. Again, join our newsletter or group (links above) to be notified.

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Guest Blogger- Abida Blaze- brand new boots & teamwork


· Detroit, MI ·

 From ABIDA-

First, I have to apologize–I forgot -again- to ask our friend his name frown emoticon

I spoke with him at the Wobbly Kitchen’s early Thanksgiving, about two weeks ago. He was wearing boots that were much too small, and was in pain and having trouble walking. I posted that he needed some boots, and several people reached out to help! Jessica Rowland bought a pair and brought them over to the Tangent on Sunday, but I had already left…she handed them over to Danielle Doxie Kaltz –>

I saw him on Tuesday; he said he was sick with food poisoning and hadn’t been able to get up for a few days. I gave him a bag of food and told him to wait for me to come back –> drove over to pick up his boots from Anew Life Prosthetics and Orthotics, where Doxie had the box waiting for me –> drove back to his spot, but he was gone…

I drove around for a whole hour looking for him! I didn’t see him again, but I passed out three more bags of food (extras from the Burners without Borders backpack packing event). I made a new friend, Gregory, and spoke with an old friend from Cass Park, Dave. No luck on Wednesday, but I made another friend named Tony, over by Scripps Park….they all have their own stories heart emoticon

Today, he was back! We met up in a nearby parking lot, and he told me that his grandmother had just died…today. He was very emotional, and we talked for a few minutes before I showed him what I had in the trunk…the whole time, I was holding one of the McDonald’s gift cards, so I handed that to him first. -That- made him happy, and I think he thought it was all I had to give him…then I pulled out his boots!

Jessica, I wish you could have been there heart emoticon
I asked if he thought they would be ok, he said, “They are perfect!” I asked him to try them on before I left, to make sure they fit…he thanked me over and over again. I asked if it would be ok to take a picture, and he just kept talking about how much he loves his boots, “They are waterproof!”

His old boots were so tight, his feet were bruised, so he started wearing his tennis shoes. They aren’t waterproof, so his feet have been wet and getting blistered. “I take them off, but nothing dries when it’s cold outside.”

He went to a shelter, and someone stole his bag. I think his too-tight boots were stolen, as well. He showed me the bag he was carrying, “I had a better bag, but now I’m using this”…it was a pink backpack, torn at the top, so it can’t zip closed.

Then…I pulled out the bag from Burners without Borders! We talked about the bag for a few minutes, and he said he couldn’t wait to look through it all. He was excited to see some new socks, and some canned food. He said he had been getting canned food at the shelter, but now he can’t go back, because the guys who robbed him are always there. He thanked me again and again. He said, “You made my day.”

We talked about the next meal at Cass Park, and he’s looking forward to it heart emoticon

Thanks so much to everyone who took an interest in his story, and to everyone who helped make this happen heart emoticon

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