Profile on BWB by Detroit SOUP

In 2011 BWB won Detroit SOUP.. on the 5th anniversary they did a snippet on us to see what we have done since then.

Here is link to there Profile on us….so very honored to be an alumni!

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Burners Without Borders

Citywide SOUP Winner – December 2011

Each year, tens of thousands of people make a pilgrimage to northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and build a city from scratch. Then they have a party, which culminates in the burning of a towering effigy. After a week, they dismantle the city and head home, leaving no trace that they were ever there.

For those who haven’t been to the Burning Man Festival, the event is hard to comprehend, but for “Burners,” it can be a life-altering experience.

Detroiter Danielle Kaltz is a Burner whose life changed with her first trip to Burning Man 10 years ago. Returning home to Detroit, Kaltz embraced the 10 principals of Burning Man: radical inclusion, gifting, de-commodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation and immediacy.

Another concept she embraced was that of “Burners Without Borders,” an initiative that was born in 2005 when a group of Burners left the festival for the Gulf Coast to pitch in on Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts.

With these things in mind, Danielle Kaltz began a new job as the digital assets manager of the Detroit News, which involved a commute along freeways from her East side home to her office downtown. On her drives, she began to notice people living under viaducts. As the weather harshened, she contemplated how she could help give comfort to a homeless person – even if only for one night. She began to collect various supplies – things like blankets, canned food, snack bars, and socks – and loaded them into her trunk.

“I’ll never forget the first time I stopped,” says Kaltz, “We were both scared as hell.” The man she had brought supplies for eventually came over to her and accepted her package.

Next Kaltz had the idea of loading a backpack with a variety of supplies and using that as her unit of distribution. She founded a Detroit chapter of Burners Without Borders and launched the Homeless Backpack Project.

“We’re Burners. We do extreme camping. It just makes sense for us to do something like this,” she says.

Kaltz began accepting donations of various supplies, and with whatever money she could raise, she purchased backpacks. But new backpacks are expensive (donated used backpacks tend to have significant amounts of wear and tear), and it was challenging to raise the funds she needed.

It was 2011 and Kaltz had heard about Detroit SOUP and thought it might be worth pitching her idea at an event.

“SOUP was weird,” says Kaltz. “I was nervous. It was the first time with the project where I stood up and said, ‘Hey!’ I just walked up with my backpack and spilled out the contents for the audience to see. The whole experience really helped me get over talking to people about the project.”

The audience picked and funded Kaltz’s idea that night, which was a surprise to her. “I didn’t vote because I didn’t know who to vote for. Everyone was so great,” she remembers.

And the money was a big help.

“A lot of people think $700 isn’t a lot of money, but when you’re out there hustling for your project, it really means a lot.”

Today, Kaltz continues to develop her project, and a growing number of people – many non-Burners – are lending support. She continues to drive around the city and deliver backpacks to homeless people. And she listens to the people she serves. “What’s in those bags is based on my relationship with the homeless people I meet,” she says. “They tell me what they need.”

For Kaltz, though, her efforts really have little to do with backpacks. “It’s more about the empathetic connection we’re making with people on the streets,” she says. “We don’t just drop off backpacks, we have an interaction.”

Find more information about Burners Without Borders (Detroit) on their

– Matthew Lewis


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Temple Community Gathering: Sharing gratitude w/ Burners Without Borders


The amazing Leslie Blackburn is hosting an event and has generously notified us that she will be donating part of the proceeds to Burners without Borders Detroit. We thank her so much for her love and support.


WHEN: Sunday November 29, 2015
WHERE: Mystery School of the Temple Arts, a private studio temple in west Dearborn, MI
Curious about Mystery School of the Temple Arts offerings but not sure where to start? Join us at a Temple Gathering!

A regular gathering (about once per month) for seekers, getting a chance to connect and discuss openly on sexuality, consciousness, spirituality, tantra and more! After an opening meditation, we hold a Sacred Circle, creating a safe space to share and ask questions on intimate topics you didn’t think you could talk about. Such a beautiful group forms each time, I love seeing how spirit guides us together! Similar to a Satsang in the yoga tradition (community of truth), with a flavor of the talking stick traditions of Native American shamanism.

November we are celebrating all that we are grateful for and there is no better way to express gratitude then to help others!

“I am so excited to share that all the donations received at this month’s Temple Gathering will be MATCHED by Mystery School of the Temple Arts and donated to Burners without Borders Detroit to support funding the Homeless Backpack Project (getting much needed food and supplies directly into the hands of people who need them) and raising awareness of the homeless issue in Detroit. Deep gratitude to Doxie (Danielle) Kaltz for her empowering work with gestating and bringing this project to life, and to our whole Burner community for fueling it and growing it over the years! Aho!” ~ Leslie Blackburn, founder Mystery School of the Temple Arts

For more information about the work BWB does for the homeless of Detroit and learn how to get involved visit:

Please email to RSVP and for location details. (Facebook messages sometimes get lost, please send via email, thanks!!)

Plan to arrive 5 minutes early to settle in for the opening of the sacred circle.

***Reminder that the Community Altar is in place and we invite you to participate in it! Feel free to take an item (small stone, crystal, symbol) that calls to you to give it a new home, or leave an item to join in the vibrations of the group and perhaps find a new home in the future. Weaving the community at all levels from the microcosmic, through the macro! And no worries, this is totally voluntary, not required. We invite you to explore the sensations of giving or receiving whenever you feel called to! Notice that by taking something you are not required to leave something. And vice versa :) What’s it like to give yourself permission to receive? Or to give freely without expectation?

~If you are new to the Temple, you must email in advance to RSVP and for location details. (Facebook messages sometimes get lost, please send via email, thanks!!) And if you’ve been here before, just show up!

Hosted by Leslie Blackburn & Dixon (of Dixon’s Violin)

More about Leslie and Mystery School of the Temple Arts:

Leslie Blackburn brings years of experience as well as a diverse, perhaps unexpected, background into her work as a Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide. As Leslie pursued her individual spiritual path of deep personal healing and transformation, she was synchronistically brought together with various teachers and partners to deepen together in growth and bring this path of potential into the light for others. Integrating feminine and masculine principles, she dances in the interplay of art, science, philosophy and practice.

Leslie brings a fusion of Art meets Science and East meets West. Her teachings bloom from a blend of experience and training in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Taoism, Yoga, Shamanism, Meditation, QiGong, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Visual Arts, Music, Psycho-Physical Human Capacities, Quantum Physics and Vibrational Dynamics. More about Leslie>>

* Donations are dedicated to support sharing these sacred sexual teachings with the world by growing Mystery School of the Temple Arts and supporting students (maybe you?, just ask!) with scholarships toward classes and private sessions.

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Older blogs about BWB Detroit

Please know I am migrating older blogs about BWB Detroit from Blogger to this site. Sorry if you get these and they are so not current. Please be patient and understand this is important.

I am going to repost all the old blogs from the blogspot site that I created and maintained before moving over to WordPress..i feel having them all in one spot is a good way to have them all collected and archived together for the history of the project.

I started blogging there in December 30 of 2008 up until October 19, 2012. This site was created in June of 2012 and up and running constant by November of 2012.

This is the heading I had on that page

Little ~d’s World


So if you see them don’t be surprised  if you see a very old blog…as i may  forget to back date them and will incorrectly date them on the day i transfer them.



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More Drink and Stitch

Last night Drink and Stitch were at it again… Ms Teal and her sister Kathleen were not the only ones this time.. Teal’s grand-daughter Randy was helping too. Randy is 9 and Teals says she “loves helping me make stuff.”





From a post on Facebook.

…”DnS cutting the fleece. These are the finished hats, all 50 of them. Final cost? Appx $16, ‘cuz JoAnne’s doesn’t like to have fleece remnants!
There was also mucho leftover. So there is another pile of cowls & headband/earwarmers to be made with the leftovers.”

Another generation of makers.. way to spread the love of making and helping.

Here is a link to there facebook page.. like them..donate fleece and yarn to them


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Save the date for December’s NONSENSE NIGHT


Version 12.2015;


The theme is ABUNDANCE (mirthy, abudnant, ghost of xmas present, Muppets Christmas Carol.. sorta vibes) & since it’s merryment season we seek to not only swim in the lakes of gorgeous goodnesses we have found for ourselves,
but to give back alittle golden greatnessnesses to our community.

More will be understood & announced soon.

but until then this much is known:

WHEN; Friday, December 18 at 8pm

WHERE: Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom

715 Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

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AMAZON Wish List for BWB Detroit

If you are unable to make our events (see all the events posted here an on our FB page)..but still want to donate?

We just made a Wish List for BWB Detroit for items to put in the Backpacks for the Homeless .

Please consider shipping it directly to us.  We can and will write tax donation letters too!!.. technology is amazing.. just made a Wish List for BWB Detroit.. for items to put in the Backpacks for the Homeless.

Here is a link to our wishlist :

​Items will be shipped automatically to the organizers location or you can ship items shipped out our storage location:

Anew Life Prosthetics & Orthotics
​C/O BWB Detroit​
 Address: 6438 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
Thank you!!!
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Detroit SOUP 5th Anniversary Video

I am SOO embarrassed that I never posted this Great video about Detroit SOUP from LAST February.

We were and still are so honored to have been a small part of this and be part of the Detroit SOUP family and alumni. Our winning in December of 2011 really helped to level us up as it helped us buy our first batch of brand new backpacks. We had been getting them donated from people and buying them resale.. but as we all know you don’t give up a backpack until it has had a ton of wear so for us to offer all new backpacks was a great thing and we have done it ever since!

Big thanks to Amy Kaherl the Director of Detroit SOUP (who is totally a hero of mine) and the Right Brothers for making the video happen.

Detroit SOUP 5th Anniversary


Here is the link to the blog we posted before the event where this video launched.



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