McDonald’s Gift Cards…One Dollar menu!

From the Homeless Shelter Directory… they acknowledge McDonald Gift Cards.. which we have been giving out for like 7 years.. $5.00 can provide a hot high caloric meal inside a restaurant where the user can get warm.

McDonald’s $1 Menu Helping The Homeless Survive

The Homeless Shelter Directory would like to give a great thank you to the people of McDonald’s for providing your one dollar menu.

In our recent survey asking the homeless how they survive on the streets with little to no money. The top answer was by far the $1 menu at McDonald’s.

Local Food Pantries came in second in the poll.

With the $1 menu many who are homeless or are without any substantial funds can survive through the day.

In a secondary polling question, most of the money for the meals does come from those who donate cash to the homeless.

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This website is an amazing link to resources in your area to assist the homeless.

The Homeless Shelter Directory provides Homeless Shelters and Homeless Service Organizations. This includes all resources necessary to help the needy.

The directory was created for people who want to find and donate food and/or supplies to their local shelter.

Volunteer Opportunities are also needed at most shelters


There are many cities in Michigan to find services; Not sure how often these are updated but these are great leads!!


Choose from our list of cities below to find homeless shelters


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City of Detroit Warming Centers 2018

City of Detroit Warming Centers

The City of Detroit is contracting with Cass Community Social Services and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries to provide temporary relief to persons who are homeless and do not utilize existing homeless shelters available within city limits.

Cass Community Social Services, 1534 Webb, has 40 beds and provides services for families (male and female parents and children). The center is open from 4 p.m. – 8 a.m. Contact the Cass Community Social Services at (313) 883-2277.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries has 100 beds for men only. The center, 3535 Third Avenue near downtown Detroit, is open from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. For information, contact the Detroit Rescue Mission at (313) 993-6703.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries has a second location with 25 beds for women and children only. The center, 3840 Fairview between Mack and St. Jean, is open from 4:30 p.m. to 9 a.m.  For information on this location, contact the Detroit Rescue Mission at (313) 331-8990.

The three facilities will operate daily during the cold weather months including holidays.  The locations combined are expected to accommodate up to 165 persons at a time.During extreme cold (temperatures that have dropped to 10 degrees), services will be extended to include daytime hours.

Clients may be picked up by vans from organizations that offer outreach services or be referred by other homeless agencies. Upon entering the warming center, clients are expected to complete the intake process for admission.

All individuals are supervised at all times to ensure the safety and security. They are also provided with two hot meals, counseling, showering and sleeping accommodations. Clients are also encouraged to take advantage of other support services, such as referrals, housing assistance, health screening, and other related services.

A full list of shelters across the city, including those privately operated, can be found at 

For more information regarding the warming centers, call (313) 224-9974.

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Hotel samples- save them!!

If you travel often and work for a company that does.. please consider starting to save your hotel toiletries. Last year and just this week I meet up with a guy named Jason…he travels a ton and gets all his co-workers who travel as well to fill up boxes at work. He just gave me two pretty heavy boxes filled to the rim of supplies.

We make hygiene packs with these and the best thing is they do not go bad so we can store what we don’t use til next year or share them with other groups doing what we are doing.

Thanks to all the folks who save and pass them along!

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Detroit Phoenix Center

February 1, 2018 is the one year anniversary of the Detroit Phoenix Center and today was our first donation to them.

The Detroit Phoenix Center exists to empower youth who are at-risk or currently experiencing homelessness the resources needed to improve health, wellness, and self-sufficiency.

Detroit Phoenix Center exists to improve the outcomes for youth and young adults ages 13-24 who are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness.

We were happy to donate 3 large bags of clothes, as well as 2 boxes and 2 totes of hygiene products and 50 Mc Donald’s gift cards.

We hope to be able to work with them in the future. Below are details on tomorrow’s event.


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Huge thank to Carol and Tom!

Two friends from different parts of my past joined forces, like the Wonder Twins or something, to get 18 huge bags of supplies to BWB Detroit

They both live about an hour north of the city and i was able to make a plea to FB for someone to help me get them to the city.. and Tom was able to meet Carol as he commutes to the city for work.

His Jeep was filled to the top of Ladies clothes..shirts, pants, bras, undies. Some dressy, some with never worn. Sizes 8-14. An entire bags of shoes!! All size 7. A bag of purses, belts and fancy scarves. A total of 18 bags (each weighing 50-70 pounds. All for donation.

Carol even folded all the clothes as she bagged them, i know this because accidentally one of the bags opened and it contents lay all neatly arranged in my car. She even pre-sorted them and pulled out clothes she felt would not be good to re-use.  Oh and speaking of cars…i have a Fit and thank you Honda i was able to get alllllll of the bags into my car, it was like a clown car!

I meet Tom at a bowling alley in the suburbs and in the cold cold night we did the transfer. Now we work to get those clothes to people who need them.

Huge thank you to both of you and the power of using the internet to do good. The power of people from your past being able to stay connected to help others and network and introduce new people doing good to each other.

small bow to you both!!


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Homeless Lives Matter Detroit!

We want to thank the folks at Homeless Lives Matter Detroit! They have been helping to get backpacks out in Detroit and down river. They post a lot of images and videos but they never show a homeless persons face, that way no one is exploited.

This crew below are doing a lion’s share of organizing and helping out others.

Big thanks to them!!


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