Starting to collect supplies for 2015!!

Just learned about SignupGenuis and we are very excited for this. This site will help us keep track of donations so we know what we will need for next year.. feel free to sign up and use it thank you very much.

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More backpacks to go!!!

We are still on the streets esp as the weather is still so bitter cold.

Luckily many homeless shelters stay open 24hrs in this weather and take in more people. That does help many people but sometimes due to over crowding folks don’t bother so getting backpacks on the streets is still helpful.

Thanks to all the people who have been helping get packs on the streets.. the more people helping the more people helped!

Looking forward to spring to break this dangerous cold spell.

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a blog about our blog- Burners Without Borders Detroit: Homeless Backpack Project

Burners Without Borders Detroit: Homeless Backpack Project

a blog about a blog!… check out the new blog about Burners without Borders Detroit on the Voices of Burning Man page for the Burning Man main site!

Thanks to Jon Mitchell for posting it!!!

..I would like to make ONE small correction to the article as i believe in accountability and leaving a good record…. the blog stated… “Then Doxie’s friend, Rosey, asked her family to donate supplies to the Backpack Project instead of giving her Christmas gifts that year, and that’s when Doxie says “the project leveled up.”

What that statement missed is that Rosey Posey (LNT QUEEN) did was ask her family to donate supplies then SHE put them into backpacks…..when she gave them all to me that winter she was so matter of fact when she told me..why not use our burners camping sensibilities and put them to use for this!!! so simple so genius.. that is what leveled us up the first time.. i was just giving folks items with or without paper and plastic bags.!! thank you Miss Rosey!!

and the images are mine!

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BWB Detroit on the main page for squee!!

It is just a little thing but it is the little things that make life good!

Thanks for the folks who run the Voices of Burning Man webpage!


Image capture of the homepage

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.01.55 AM

Detail of our project- ”

Burners Without Borders Detroit: Homeless Backpack Project

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DETROIT SOUP!! 5th year anniversary at FORD FIELD…this Sunday!!

Burners without Borders is so proud to be an alumni of Detroit SOUP!

We presented the first year they were in operation and i was shocked and stunned when were chosen that night…and we are so excited to be attending this event on SUNDAY February 15, 2015. Hope to see you there!


To learn more about what SOUP does…read this link!  ABOUT SOUP

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SIGN UP GENIUS.. is just that.. Genius!! time saver and organizer in One!!

Supply inventory for Homeless Backpacking

Miss Lailiee found this site for me and wow this is going to hopefully be a great way to have volunteers and donors understand and track our needs.

By adding the number of items folks can donate we not only keep track of what we have it gives folks a chance to donate items we need as they be able to see directly what is missing.

I love this idea.

Please click the link and donate!

Thank you

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Dave Lotito helping BWB..he is a superhero!

Dave recently told me that he started a recycling program at work as a way to keep the empty water bottles out of our trash system….what a generous guy saving the planet!!

Then it sort of morphed as a customer where he works has been bringing them cases of soda..which in turn result in returnable containers

So what is Dave doing instead of pocketing that money.?? He has been sorting those for BWB Detroit ever since December and so far has about $50 put aside for the backpack project.

WHAT??? yea! how awesome is that.. his plan was to make a lump sum donation later this year for the 2015 Backpacking Party. He told me “This project is due to go until about August, so hopefully we can generate $40 – $50 a month until then. ” how generous is that.. and even more so when he said “It’s a sticky mess to sort through every week so having the homeless as a motivator keeps me going!”

So yea.. double bonus points to Dave.. not only is he saving the planet.. but he is helping the homeless..and cleaning up after co-workers.. so that is like triple bonus points in my book.

And i would like to add that he and his wife Debbee and I donated $140 worth of McDonald Gift Cards to the Backpacking event in December of 2014.

Dave our SuperHero and his lovely wife Debbee!!!

Dave our SuperHero and his lovely wife Debbee!!!

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