Huge thanks to ALL the folks who sent BWB Detroit items from our WishList.

We appreciate the patience of folks who had issues with it esp when items were supposed to have been added but were put on a different list.. thanks so much.

Items are still showing up and we wanted to say anytime items show up we will add them to the backpacks and get them on the streets!!

Amazon wishlist if that helps you to get started..

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bwb detroit annual backpacking & community dinner


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First Annual Detroit Krampus Parade in 2019 was a great success!!

The Detroit Krampusnacht Parade 2019 was a great success esp for year one.

We have 8 people in the costume contest and another 25 or so in costume and about 60 others not in costume walk the parade with us following St Nick (aka Francis Grunow)

Huge thanks to all the folks who made it happen .. esp to Kristoff Krampenstein for trusting we could pull this off…

And thank you for everyone at Krampus Night 9 – A Holiday-ish Charity Extravaganza! who donated supplies and gift cards and to the silent auction in support of Burners without Borders Detroit…. we are so humbled and grateful for the continued love given to our Homeless Backpack Project.

Next year bring more kiddies… nom nom!!

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From the DAMNED family October 2019!!

To you amazing DAMNED patrons and online fans who purchased raffle tickets for the Atelier Gothique fundraiser, THANK YOU!

With your generosity, we raised $1,162 for Burners without Borders Detroit! This will greatly help to purchase much needed basic-need supplies (canned goods, water, toiletries, underclothing, gloves, blankets, etc) to create hundreds of survival backpacks for those on our cold streets and not in the crowded homeless shelters. This is real-life grassroots community “giving” by volunteers in the true spirit of the word with no corporate management profiteering and your generosity makes this happen!

And 2019 marks the 11th year of this wonderful fundraiser, which has generated $10,947 since 2009 to help our friends in dire need in the winter. You are all truly making a difference in Detroit! (doxie bolded this!!)

Still want to help while having fun and making new friends? Attend the upcoming BWBD backpacking party on Sunday December 1st:

BWB Detroit Annual Backpacking & Community Dinner

Thank you again and remember: Be the change you wish to see in Detroit!

P.S. Much heartfelt DAMNED gratitudes goes to Dekilah and the DAMNED Devil Girls (Kiya, LynnRachel & Stacey) for their hard work in selling 247 raffle tickets during the event to make this a reality. Without you all, this can never happen each DAMNED year.

P.P.S. And tremendous gratitude goes to Atelier Gothique for their generous donation of their fine alternative jewelry to the raffle each year! Please check out their work at:

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MooseJaw supports BWB Detroit and we are so thankful!

Some time ago Jess Rowland reached out to me to see if BWB Detroit would be interested in going to MooseJaw to do an employee community event. They would provide supplies to put in backpacks that we give out to the homeless.. UHM YEAH!..

So I met with MAX.. an amazing guy at MooseJaw and we worked out the details. We picked a date, I got the backpacks, they got the supplies and we when Mike Zak and I showed up they had like 15 employees already sorting out all the supplies and striping them of excess trash and lining it all out on tables so we could fill them assembly Detroit.

The staff was really friendly and so helpful and they stuffed like 250 backpacks and even helped us load them all into Mike’s truck and did it with no issue and in a tight time frame.

We are so thankful to EVERYONE at MOOSEJAW for this amazing gift and opportunity to meet new folks and make new friends!!

Small bow to each of you.

much love Burners without Borders Detroit

Images from Torri Buback and Danielle Kaltz

more images from ~doxie found in gallery below

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Michigan Human Society helps pet owners with a Pet Pantry!

The Michigan Humane Society recently joined BWB Detroit for an event to service the homeless with pets. Street Dogs Detroit was also there!

I had no idea they had a program to help pets…so I grabbed a few images of their flyers and they are below.

Here is information on the Pet Pantry times and location.

and here is a view inside the van the day of our event.. they were giving out bags of pet foods to help people feed their fur -babies…dogs and cats!

Help them help animals left in the cold.

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More details to come.


in the meantime.. we need is the start of a wish list.

$5.00 Gift cards to McDonalds




Our Amazon wishlist has some more ideas!

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